SDK on Windows 8 - HOME envvar & Known Issues

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Following this:

From page, section "Qt Creator", I saw the following: Some Windows 8 setups do not have HOME, which is needed by MerSDK.

I've extensively installed, tested, fiddled & tampered with SDK and various envvars, and I strongly doubt that it is necessary to have HOME envvar set. In fact, I'm pretty confident it is not needed - at least, setting it did not make any difference at all, in any situation.

Also, it is not exact to write "some Windows 8 setups do not have HOME" - NO Windows 8/8.1 - Hell, NO Windows version ever HAD a HOME envvar - that's Nix-centric.

I might be mistaken, since I haven't been confronted with much SailfishOS/Qt development, and do not know what might happen when using some more advanced functions, but I can tell from my various extensive tests that HOME envvar on Windows environment is certainly not needed. And if anyone solved any Qt related issue setting an HOME envvar, I'm sure that has not been the reason why that issue disappeared - at most, it triggered a side effect that luckily made this advice work. I would be very interested to discuss with anyone who solved compilation issue with that trick (solely).

Anyway, if you do wish to keep this warning in your known issues list, I think you outgh to make it useful:

  • first, extend explanations, with an example of how to set up this envvar - is it a Linux type envvar like $HOME or is it a Windows regular one like %HOME% - should it be a systemwide envvar or a user-only envvar - can this HOME value be built using other environment variables, e.g. %HOMEDRIVE%, %HOMEPATH%, %USERPROFILE%... ?

  • this advice, in this section, on this pageis useless - at least, you should duplicate it on SDK installation page in Windows paragraph, because that really is the place where it should be located, and no one is ever going to look at "Known Issues" chapter - all the most since it is located AFTER "Uninstallation" page - when it is set so many pages after "Installation" chapter


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