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A How To Linux Tutorial Other Half [not a question]

asked 2014-01-02 00:01:50 +0300

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updated 2014-01-03 05:24:22 +0300

An educational Other Half, that teaches the 'average user' the ABC of Linux and helps him/her to get on her/his feet and do things quickly in the terminal and get things done. NOTE: The average user is not a dummy by birth but the result of an education with picture books only. I would absolutely love to turn my smartphone Jolla into a brightphone, that brings 'average users' and the cute penguin together!

Thank you zeta! I appreciate your answer/comment (below) and your caring about newbies. I was a newbie with close to none experience with the terminal, when my N900 did have that camera issue. As nothing did help I followed the instructions on how to flash the device in the 12 Top Fixes for N900 in the Nokia support discussions and made a full flash, which brought my N900 back like out of the box. To not have the camera, simply was no option for me. I don't know how many users with the same issue just put up with a broken camera.

With my Jolla there was something odd about available update notifications coming up, while in Settings the latest update showed to be installed. Somebody mentioned how to fix it in the terminal, or else do a reset and loose all data, which was my choice, as I did not find a way how to get root password in terminal. After the second reset and doing all updates (both showing in settings after installation) before downloading/installing apps from Jolla Store I finally got the updates straight with twice loosing all data and lots of bluetoothing without touching the terminal at all.

See, life as a newbie is hard. But I absolutely believe, the future is Linux, which runs fast on my Nokia booklet, where Windows was showing circles for hours. Do you think some Linux How To input could hurt average users more than what they are used to? I don't. I still like the idea and what I love about paying for something is, that it makes me feel I can give something in return.

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Yeah! I second that suggestion.

Makarand ( 2014-01-02 11:14:59 +0300 )edit

Why does this need an other half? It could be done in software as an app, imho.

v2px ( 2014-01-02 23:37:08 +0300 )edit

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answered 2014-01-03 00:18:41 +0300

zeta gravatar image

Isn't that more the point of the Raspberry Pi : A cheap computer that you can't break (reflash an SD card, and you're back) to be able to experiment without fear a bricking the device ? Learning command line on a Jolla can quickly lead to a unusable phone that needs to be factory reseted (losing personal data doing it), which is not something that will help newbies to love CLI.

If you find a way to make it harmless (and still presenting useful things), then the idea is good.

In my mind, the potential of a Raspberry Pi (or BeagleBoard and other similar boards) with a full size hardware keyboard is a lot easier for learning CLI and seeing its benefits, like being faster than GUI for some operations, than a virtual keyboard on a 4.5" display.

On the other side, the pro of the Jolla is that some people that would not buy a dedicated board could try it directly with the phone they already have...

And as V2PX commented, I don't see the need of an other half for that, only an app is needed. Needing an other half would need people to buy this other half to use it and so the problem is the same than the raspi : people need to buy something else than what they have (the phone) to discover CLI.

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