[bug] terminal freezes when new window menu is used in horizonal layout

asked 2015-02-28 12:47:51 +0300

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I enabled developer mode and remote connection to the phone with ssh. About product writes out Sailfish OS version.

I started terminal then with ssh I opened up a session to another computer. Then I realized I need another window so I used the menu and choosed New Window. It was not responding so I tapped the new window menu few times. New window opened then the current terminal stopped responding. I could repeat this without ssh logging to another computer however without ssh login it was difficult to repeat the issue. Do these steps to repeat: 1. start terminal 2. turn to horizontal screen 3. login to a computer with ssh (on local network) 4. use menu and open new window few times (if it is not responding tap on new window menu some times)

Seemingly the workaround is to use the menu in vertical mode when full menu is displayed.

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I could repeat this issue even in vertical mode when full menu is displayed. I moved videos to sdcard and in the middle of the process I opened up a new terminal window. New window opened and I could check remaining files. Even after completing the move the terminal did not respond. The new window button remained white. When I switched to the stuck terminal window it asked me whether I want to terminate it or wait. I waited few hours then closed it.

llg179 ( 2015-05-17 00:44:55 +0300 )edit