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Configure mcetools via settings

asked 2015-02-28 17:39:33 +0200

lakutalo gravatar image

updated 2017-05-19 12:44:54 +0200

cemoi71 gravatar image

I think it would be nice to change mcetool configurations via settings, i.e. there could be a separate top menu item (advanced settings) for it.

This may sound like a luxury problem but not everybody is comfortable with starting a terminal which needs developer mode activated and type in a command, just to activate LPM (Glance screen), or to change proximity sensor settings, to give illustrative examples.

Edit 19.05.2017: Still not here in last update. Does it have its place on the roadmap?
Lot's of people are interested to use it. But still only in cli, that's not that great as user experience...

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mcetool is not really meant for end user access.

There are several files on the device which have hashed out portions of code often pertaining to settings in mcetool, which are basically denying access to the end user for several reasons. Some devs, find these, unhash them and create patches such as LPM, but LPM as an example, is not implemented in the UI because it is a BATTERY KICKER!, this is because of the physical make up of the LCD panel, which unlike AMOLED(N9 screen); ALL pixels are LIT just to show you the time, but AMOLED only lights individual pixels to display things like the time, thus not using much power as an IPS LCD which we have on Jolla device.

If there is something you want doing, then do it yourself, if you can't do it aren't trying hard enough. I am no expert, but I have an interest in the device and its OS and so, I'm teaching myself everything I possibly can. I do this in between working and often pull late nights so I can learn. Learn to make a patch and then how to make an RPM package to deliver that patch, once you've done it a few times, you start to understand more and more about the file system/applications/settings.

If you look at the type of problems that re actually tracked by Jolla, you'll see they have no time for the myriad of requests posted here daily. Do you see me requesting features?, nope, I've been on here since Jolla opened the doors.....there are hundreds of feature requests, all ignored, or are simply just not important enough to the people who are actually creating the OS, requests gathering dust and looking at the votes, it's no wonder, perhaps only 10 or 20 people out of a possible 25,000 owners are wanting 'this feature' be honest, I think feature requests are an exercise in futility.

Edz ( 2017-05-19 13:28:16 +0200 )edit

Edit 19.05.2017: Still not here in last update. Does it have its place on the roadmap? Lot's of people are interested to use it. But still only in cli, that's not that great as user experience...

16 peoples is not "A lot", sorry. What is your problem in using 3rd party applications?

coderus ( 2017-05-19 13:41:27 +0200 )edit

@coderus are you addressing me? :)

lakutalo ( 2017-05-19 14:36:43 +0200 )edit

to @cemoi71 i think, he is recentry updated question

coderus ( 2017-05-19 15:37:46 +0200 )edit

@lakutalo pfff :-)
@coderus tipicall dev thinking just read 1st info, and no get deeper... if you give a look into the given links + if you make a search on mce-tool AND all features which are bound with it, i'll guess that your small prediction get much more higher. what do you think?
why didn't you make this effort on analysis before answering?
to answer you, i have the problem with the 3rd part applications, that's they are not really part of the ecosystem. Is not the problem of you and other guys like who make a great job. But they belong to the system technically, but politically not and weak from jolla supported. With the fear that sometimes after a system update, that a chaos overcomes. or that the dev suddenly don't work anymore on his stuff
The most of them could be a source of inspiration for the main team.
I find this place quite interesting, and give always a look inside but try to think and rethink, and avoid to use it. Actually i have just only one app or fix.
Really difficult to explain my feeling....
Just a question for you, do you still work on your stuff by openrepos? doesn't take your main job a lot's of resources for it? if your main job is about sfos, then i find it great.

cemoi71 ( 2017-05-19 15:46:32 +0200 )edit

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answered 2015-02-28 18:21:37 +0200

rudi gravatar image

like 'Gui for mcetool' in warehouse?

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Almost, but you have to do all these extra steps just to have mce settings changed. I think it would suit wonderfully to standard settings out of the box. Maybe in some future release of sfos. At least some of the mce settings. As @Crypto just mentioned somewhere, it would be nice if Jolla considered some of those excellent enhancements from warehouse to be included in the standard version. Mce gui is in development right now, so maybe I'd just join. :)

lakutalo ( 2015-02-28 19:06:21 +0200 )edit
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