Calendar not shown when there's no internet connection

asked 2015-03-02 15:37:04 +0300

wosrediinanatour gravatar image

updated 2015-03-02 15:38:46 +0300

For me it seems that Google's calendars are not shown when the phone is disconnected from WLAN or mobile data. After (re-)connection they are shown. I have two feature requests:

  1. If disconnected, the calendars should be shown (e.g. gray or with a disconnected sign)
  2. Possibility to added event's when disconnected.


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I will investigate this... It should not be the case. The calendar data should be cached locally on the device, and remain on the device when no connectivity is available. Adding events to the Google calendar should be possible while disconnected (although obviously the event addition will only be upsynced to Google's servers when synchronization next runs while connectivity is available).

Kind regards, Chris Adams.

chris.adams ( 2015-03-04 06:41:12 +0300 )edit