[BUGS] Multiple issues with VKB in yliaavanlampi

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Please don't set this as a duplicate, because it isn't. There must be some really bad regression issues in Yliaanvanlampi, because things has gone from bad to worse.

The keyboard seems never to know when to pop up and when to hide. And if it is hidden sometimes its a HELL to bring it up again. There is no way to see the logic's behind how this keyboard works, the behavior seems to be very unpredictable. This unexpected effects of either not popping up, or not closing can be easily seen on many websites, the input forms are many and different some more complex than others, some simpler. Probably it is more often related to that the browser has not calculated the offsets properly of things that can be interacted with, links, fields, buttons. Especially in sub-frames, even more proabable when scrolling, but far from exclusively. The last thing I did was trying to edit fields in the phpmyadmin administration pages on my server. I had to give up. But in other applications as well, the messaging application the vkb drops down and refuses to come back.

Its worst in the native browser to the limit that the browser becomes unusable. Marking text, it seldom works they way expected, if the marking operation is triggering at all. Is it supposed to work with long press or some other way?

The space bar has always been either badly placed or too small. I end up with dots everywhere in the text. The browser moves the screen quite unpredictable when touching an edit field, probably this is a separate issue, but it relates to the vkb. Something has happened to the fluidness as well in Yliaanvanlampi, UI is jerky and seems to gets disturbed so that it leaves artifacts while animating, something is way off in this update. In various places applications and/or lipstick seems to freeze up.

Plainly speaking, I'm quite tired of the virtual keyboard in the Jolla, it never seems to get any better. Having the feeling that one avoid using the Jolla for doing many basic things is not what was intended. It starts to bring a feeling of Jolla hate rather than Jolla love. There are some basic features in Sailfish that needs to be addressed, prioritized and the virtual keyboard is definitely in this category because its been well over a year now and its not getting much better. I have lost SO much information now and made so many attempts to use the virtual keyboard that I'm soon ready to give up. Following an ideological concept is a good thing, the basic philosophy about Jolla and Sailfish are good but when it constantly starts to hit you in the eye the feelings starts to turn.

Please Jolla, start to prioritize the virtual keyboard because it is flawed.

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Please edit your post to include specific information that will allow anyone to reproduce the bugs you are experiencing.

Information like "the keyboard seems never to know when to pop up and when to hide" cannot be used to fix a bug.

drcouzelis ( 2015-03-06 12:55:53 +0300 )edit

Yes, it is not always easy to pinpoint a specific website, there are many. But also in the messaging application I have seen strange effects, it feels even less stable than before. I have concluded with a little extra info now but I am sure many others here experienced the same thing and you are welcome to refine my original post. The jolla's themselves should be able to notice these things easily, its unavoidable.

Larswad ( 2015-03-06 13:03:56 +0300 )edit

@Larswad - except of the too small space bar, I never noticed such strange behavior... so a "how to reproduce" like @drcouzelis says, would be very nice.

ejjoman ( 2015-03-06 13:43:05 +0300 )edit

@ejjoman: I would almost think you are kidding with me. It's very common on many sites that the vkb doesn't show up. And the click-miss thing has been there since the start. It's more common that it doesn't work to click a button or an edit field than that it works. How to reproduce is as simple as going to a few websites and try to use the virtual keyboard. I can only tell that I have seen the same in the message application. Was in the middle of typing and the keyboard disappeared when I clicked somewhere, couldn't get it back so I had to send the message.

How more specific than that can I be?

Larswad ( 2015-03-06 14:16:49 +0300 )edit

Anyone can try to fill in this. I failed. http://www.huoltopalvelu.com/epages/Kaupat.sf/fi_FI/?ViewAction=ViewFBForm&ObjectID=27021088

WilbertS ( 2015-03-06 21:11:48 +0300 )edit