Invisible task making unwanted noise

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I have the following problems with tasks synchronized via CalDAV (with being the provider, using Open-Xchange): the task calendar is visible in the calendar app, but the tasks aren't! (bug #1)

They obviously are synced to/stored on the device as they're alarms pull off at the wanted time.

But in that case the task reminder is always ringing in the loudest possible way (bug #2), disregarding that I set the phone to silent mode. Most annoying!

In the meantime I disconnected the task calendar account, as this is totally unusable.

I understand that the calendar app has it's problems with tasks, but this is a "double bug", as I see it.

If only someone would implement a decent task juggler for Sailfish OS... Even the smallest subset of the features of Palm's DateBk would make me happy!

PS: Also, tasks/calendar entries created on the phone (in that task calendar) were not synced to the server...

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I just have added my phone to and have also task reminders which I cannot find back anywhere in the calendar and or other apps on the phone.

Link to the collaboration meetings:

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