Why is there no assistive programming?

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I have early onset Parkinson's disease and am quadriplegic due to a motorvehicle impact. M8 My settlement for damages is soon and I was going to get the Jolla phone and tablet combination, until I discovered how unfriendly it is for the disabled.

To start with the only voice input available is Google Now, and not even with an enhancement like Speaktoit assistant.

The gesture system is great, as long as you can do gestures. Most disabled people aren't that fortunate.

I started my own small crowd funding project on Indiegogo, unlikely to get any funding, but handy to collect up the products I like, and will buy, once my settlement for damages is done. That is in the next month.

Jolla was the first product on the list, but I'm close to removing it now. The guy on the video presentation has a disability with his one arm but you are still disability unfriendly?

Just take a look at other items on Indiegogo. You could easily partner with any number of them or certainly work towards solutions they already have.

The Sesame Touch Free Phone is a peripheral suite with customized programs on a Galaxy Nexus 5.. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sesame-touch-free-smartphone/x/10052822

There's no reason it couldn't be on Sailfish 2.0

If you went a slightly other way you could bypass their methods by adding the Senic Controller https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-world-s-most-magical-controller/x/10052822#description and the Cubic personal controller https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cubic-your-personal-ai-with-personality--2/x/10052822

Which would both streamline and bypass the need to be dependent on corporate level products like Google Voice.

I have an idea for a PR campaign for this that WOULD make your company the world leader in mobile technology and earn you the gratitude of the United Nations. If you're interested.

To complete and make a superior package, the Jolla phone is the right size for the Pinch VR Visor and control system that doubles as a case. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/pinch-vr-smartphone-virtual-reality-are-one/x/10052822

If you were really smart you'd add the Lattern receiver onto it and then could honestly say your unit doesn't even need a connection to be connected!


I'm a clever disabled guy, not an engineer or technical expert. So if I can put these together from the same crowd funding company as you use.. Indiegogo,why haven't you?

I'm starting to wonder if I should buy your product when I have to come up with a way for me to be able to use it.

If you need the help dealing with this, just crowd fund me, or better still, provide the equipment, and I'll work out the bugs beta testing it.

I knew how to copyright years ago when I was a microcomputer electronic technician student, but didn't know to do so for intellectual property for electronics, just did so for my poetry. I called the head technician in R&D for Intel and asked them for the board schematics, so I could work out how to break the data bottleneck on my computer. I thought that instead of a microprocessor and coprocesor on the board, I could jury rig it so it worked like a server, with each chip doing a process. A single person LAN server. I kept sending my ideas and they kept sending me diagnostic manuals. A year later they cut off correspondence and came out with the first Pentium chip. The chip's architecture was like a LAN server on a chip, with each miniature chip design handling a process, so the complete chip multitasking. I would have been happy to get some verbal credit, an invite to the presentation and a computer, while they made billions breaking the bottleneck. I made certain copyright this time.

You really disappointed me. Especially after the way the S6 disappointed, and you seemed to be the answer to its Flaws.

Please work this out?

David Bates

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This is definitely an interesting input. Probably you are the first within the community to raise such a problem, and this is why nobody ever addressed it before. I can definitely feel your disappointment in your statement, and it is easily comprehensible. However, I also understand Jolla that did not think about it YET.

The fact you have raised this problem, will definitely raise awareness about this topic as well. I hope Jolla will listen to you and try to address these problems, perhaps involving you directly ;)

ruga ( 2015-03-06 19:58:47 +0300 )edit

That would certainly be unique in my experience. Thank you for understanding AND comprehending my dilemma.

Twiztad2bent ( 2015-03-06 20:03:20 +0300 )edit