Harbour API Request: qca-qt5, crypto library

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asked 2014-01-02 11:59:53 +0300

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qct-qt5 is a crypto library that eases the use of cryptographic functionality within Qt. I use qca-qt5 in my MeePasswords password storage and management application. From my experience, the qca API is stable. The alternative of packaging qca-qt5 with the application is more complicated as qca-qt5 depends on other libraries, such as libssl or libcrypto, which are also not yet allowed in the store and there may be even more non-allowed dependencies pulled in by those libraries. It would be great if qca-qt5 could be added and be officially allowed to link against.

Just in case, I filed the PR to the nemo package of qca on github that added the qca-qt5 packaging based on the qca package as hosted at kde.org. So, if there are any requirements packaging-wise or so, I'd be very happy to help getting qca-qt5 officially accepted.

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as mentioned in several places before. Harbour QA started on 07. Jan 2015 to accept submissions which depend on:


Unfortunately qca-qt5 is not yet among the allowed libraries. qca-qt5 does not seem to have active development in general and is currently not part of our platform. We will review the situation later again.

Kontio ( 2015-01-09 09:57:38 +0300 )edit