Alarm clock: Setting alarm not in line with UI

asked 2014-01-02 12:06:51 +0200

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When setting/changing an alarm time, the [Accept] (German: [Annehmen]) button appears in the upper right corner until I actually start to set the time -- and then disappears making place for the indication of the time set in digital form.


  • Move the digital time to the center of the clock, so that the [Accept] button does not disappear (even better: appears only after the time has been changed).
  • Place the [Accept] button in front of the digital time (and make it appearing only after the time has been changed).

The digital time should show "–:–" until the alarm time has been changed. (In the rare case you want to set it to 00:00 or 12:00 you have to move either indicator (hour or minute) once and move it back to start position).

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Agree! The clock should have numbers in each hand so that you could read the time as hh:mm directly from the clock. I guess this is standard QML/Qt-component that should be changed. This woulf solve the problem of what is shown in top-right corner (as the time would be readable in the clock itself.

foss4ever ( 2014-01-02 12:44:05 +0200 )edit

I also find it weired that when the alarm is white it is off and blue when it is turned on. Should it not be the other way around?

minnist ( 2014-01-05 23:43:39 +0200 )edit

+1 for that

cropas ( 2014-01-21 02:49:18 +0200 )edit