Pulley menu does not open [not relevant]

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When opening the mail app from home screen and accidentaly pulling up I get a "white scrollbar" on the right side of the screen. Then when pulling down to access the pulley menu to update all accounts at once the menu does not show up until second pull is made. Why is it even possible to get a "white scrollbar" in a window that has nothing external to show. All contents are visible in the starting screen. Tried some other apps and this only happens in the mail app.

EDIT: Another way I found to reproduce this issue:
1. Open the Mail application
2. Tap on a mailbox for a fraction of a second (wait for it to get highlighted) and immediately pull down
3. You'll observe that the pulley menu indicator is there but that nothing comes down
4. Repeat 2-3 a second time and a pulley menu appears

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I'm editing your post to add probably a better way to reproduce this.

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