Harbour API request: libqmf, E-Mail API

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QMF (the Qt Messaging Framework), amongst others, provides functionality for interacting with e-mail accounts. I, e.g., use QMF in some of my applications for interacting with IMAP. I briefly looked into the possibility of packaging libqmfclient with my apps but ldd showed up many other libraries that are not allowed yet as dependency. So, I am afraid of ending up in a dependency hell when trying to package libqmfclient with my application. It would be very nice if the usage of QMF, specifically linking against libqmfclient5.so.1, could be allowed.

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I'd like to selectively delete old mails on my Jolla. I found out that it's all in /home/nemo/.qmf.

qmailstore.db is just a sqlite3 db which can be manipulated offline e.g. with Firefox and the SQLite Manager addon.

Would libqmfclient usable here? Is this lib usable on a Linux system?

Rolfa ( 2015-01-05 18:08:19 +0300 )edit