Search Contacts by Partial Phone Number

asked 2015-03-16 11:03:36 +0300

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updated 2015-12-26 13:59:47 +0300

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It is possible to search for phone numbers since But the search will only find phone numbers when they are entered exactly as stored in the phone.

Feature request: Please make the search working for parts of phone numbers.


Phone numbers have a specialty: They are very similar at the beginning (Country Code, Area Code) and differ mostly at the end. To make things worse, you can enter phone numbers in three different ways: 004917XXX, +4917XXX or 017XXX - they will all work.

So when looking up that number ending with 8765, I'll have to enter the whole +49177XXX8765, then maybe 0049177XXX8765 and then even maybe 0177XXX8765 to see the contact - or just to make sure, that I really do not have it on the phone. It is obviously clear that a partial phone number search would be of great help for the user. The partial phone number search could also be a part of a global search. See:

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