optimizing the system more.

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when seen in the mwc 2015 phones with great specs as the nexus five sailfish could run the operating system, I said hopefully jolla not stand on the market numbers (cores, RAM, 4K video recordings and stuff) sincerely hope that this better optimized sailfish that ios and windows phone. I also hope it is safer than ios and windows phone, since the alliance with SSHCS is to leave something good. I think also the aliaza with sshcs, jolla must also begin to consider a partnership with a supplier of processors (qualcomm, mediatek or intel), to get the most out of sailfish and processor, thus enhancing the system with an experience fluid and different from others operating systems only interface. nothing but intrigue is that with the support android apps because I think the ecosystem sailfish takes second term, I hope jolla has as point number one, grow its ecosystem and continue to refine their software. Likewise must be raised to remain the sole provider of sailfish phones because it is a system with an extraordinary potential and other brands have not opened the doors to sailfish. will triumph jolla with sailfish system. I hope jolla phones continues to produce better design and some hardware improvements such full hd screen, better camera photos with quad-core processors as qualcomm 610, better and more native applications.

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...and your question is?

I think what you're saying is already happening. Probably not as fast as one would wish... But hey, for a small company it's not an overnight task to rival against giants.

Okw ( 2015-03-20 10:08:54 +0300 )edit

you're right my questions are as follows. 1.jolla has planned an alliance with a supplier of processors (Qualcomm, MediaTek, Nvidia, Intel)? to optimize the system processors to give a better performance, better autonomy, longer life.. 2.will give preference to its ecosystem (giving greater contribution and tools to developers, as well as a better optimization) or will prefer focused on that compatibility with android? 3.has been raised Jolla be the only brand to offer high-end devices with sailfish (many manufacturers have not accepted the system favorably)? in a similar case as apple. 4.are to climb the marketing of android (cores, RAM, abysmal resolutions, recording 4k) or they will keep a similar stance apple and windows, many optimization for your operating system (Sailfish) giving accommodate processors dual- and maximum quad core but with confidence and fluency as aircraft flying. 5.jolla is true that no longer will make inteligetes phones or tablets? jolla know you have many followers so if you re-create a phone will have the full support of the sailfish-jolla community, nokia n9-meego, (I would not mind paying 700 euros for a phone with good design, with the logo Jolla, one more polishing system and a different experience in usability, you have our support).

Jose101192 ( 2015-03-21 01:22:26 +0300 )edit