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And Jolla Tablet reached 2.5M. What about the stretch goal? :) [duplicate]

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Goal #3 - $2,500,000: Cellular data for $30

"Our third goal, one of the most wanted tablet features by our community, offers an amazing value for our Indiegogo campaign contributors. If we reach $2.5M, you can upgrade your Wifi only Jolla Tablet to 3.5G+Wifi for a mere $30! With most tablets on the market, similar upgrade costs at least $100. We’ll make the “Upgrade to 3.5G” Perk available if the campaign reaches $2.5M. 3.5G upgrade is first offered only in EU, but we’re looking to add more markets later. If we’ll add your market after the Indiegogo campaign but before Jolla Tablet delivery, you’ll be able to upgrade your tablet with the same price. The 3.5G cellular connectivity is expected to be available for Jolla Tablets as a software update during Q3/2015 due to demanding certification and field testing requirements."

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Yeah, too bad, but at the end they reached $ 2.5M, which is unbelievable. This maximises the possibility that we are going to get a lot of cool new features.

Entry3 ( 2015-03-31 11:27:01 +0300 )edit

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answered 2015-03-31 09:03:48 +0300

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The stretch goals were only valid in the first phase of the crowdfunding campaign:

Where are the stretch goals? Are the previously defined goals still valid?

The stretch goals were part of the first phase of the campaign only in Nov-Dec 2014. In this 2nd wave, launched on 29th January 2015, we don’t have any stretch goals. We however do (always) listen to your feedback and ideas, especially on software related tablet features.

See, FAQ section.

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