[How-To] Add Support for all pls files (include premium radiotunes)

asked 2015-04-11 00:27:44 +0300

heubergen gravatar image

updated 2015-04-12 23:01:18 +0300

Finally after some testing here my how-to:

  1. Search for gst-plugins-ugly on the openrepos and just activate the repo (not needed to install)
  2. Install Ultimate Codec Support from openrepos
  3. Download your preferred pls file and open it on the official music app.
  4. Listen your prefer music :)

Tested with some radiotunes stations.

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Thanks @heubergen is there an app which allows you to enter a URL ? How about the browser playing it on click ?

pavi ( 2015-04-11 17:01:24 +0300 )edit

@pavi: Theres no easy way that I know to just enter the path to a pls file and you can listen. It would be possible (and to be honest it's also really easy) to develop a app for that. The browser will just download the file, but he can't play it self. (Firefox for Desktop can it, I've no idea if firefox for mobile can do that also)

heubergen ( 2015-04-11 17:36:19 +0300 )edit

While I really do appreciate the time others take to create 'how-to's' or 'workarounds', it shouldn't be overlooked that Jolla's Mediaplayer handles .pls files.

Why go to the bother of screening files for a particular/random URL and then have to add it to another app?. No need to activate any repos or add Quickradio.

I appreciate that Jolla Mediaplayer is somewhat buggy with various aspects, but for me, I prefer to not have multiples of apps that do the same job.

Example; Open your Sailfish browser on Jolla, new tab; www.somafm.com/groovesalad.pls - this will automatically download the required .pls file and it is added to Mediaplayer.

If you attempt to open the .pls file outside of Mediaplayer, you get a banner pops up saying; "Oops!, media type not supported!" - but if you then open Mediaplayer, you will see the .pls is listed at the top of the app - at least it is for me. Tap the name.pls icon, tap the required stream, ....enjoy.

Ultimately, a method of typing a URL directly in Jolla Mediaplayer would be useful coupled with a method to actively search for 'any' .pls file out there on the net.


Edz ( 2015-04-11 17:41:15 +0300 )edit

I try that with my example (premium radiotunes) and that doesn't work. I will give a last try if it work now with the installed codecs.

Edit: Okay, it works now with the official player to but that doesn't make the how-to unusable :)

heubergen ( 2015-04-11 17:52:56 +0300 )edit

@heubergen - sure, I wasn't meaning to discount your findings, on the contrary. I'm thankful people like yourself take time to write up what you find. :)

Edz ( 2015-04-11 18:17:52 +0300 )edit