Problem with WLAN mode n?

asked 2015-04-25 13:20:59 +0300

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I became the proud owner of a Jolla phone this week, but am having a lot of trouble updating to 1.1.2 from 1.0.8.

The download dies at different places in progress from 5% to 50%, and today I have been getting "Problem with store" errors as well. After some testing it looks like the phone looses the wlan connection after a few minutes of intense use. This happened the first time I tried the store as well.

I have reset the device and tried to update around 20 times now, but I am just getting frustrated...

The only other postings in here about download trouble seem to be closed/resolved, so I am asking again; Anybody out there have the same problems?

UPDATE: Switched to 3G net and the download worked on first attempt. Some serious issue with WLAN stability in v1.0.8. I would advice against shipping with that version. My first impression was anything from good...

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use a b+g channel acces point. n channel usually messes up your wlan on the jolla phone

XiliX ( 2015-04-25 16:16:55 +0300 )edit

Not a very universal solution, I'm afraid. I roam between many wireless networks and only some of these I can control. Since n-mode is a few years old now, I would assume most run g/n and may even disable b for performance reasons. I also have a lot of other devices that are n-mode and disabling this would negatively impact performance of all other devices. Not trying to be negative, but is this a chip-issue since it has not been sorted out? The Jolla phone is mature/old enough now that I was expecting basic connectivity to work without a hitch...

dovregubben ( 2015-04-25 17:05:33 +0300 )edit

Afaik this only happens when downloading very big files. so use b+g only for firmwareupdates and you should be fine.

XiliX ( 2015-04-26 11:26:14 +0300 )edit