[HOWTO] Faster ssh login to Jolla / shell start in developer mode

asked 2015-04-26 15:48:53 +0300

Self-Perfection gravatar image

updated 2016-10-11 11:14:43 +0300

General SSH login speedup

Try common advice: Make sure, that you have uncommented line UseDNS no in /etc/ssh/sshd_config on your Jolla.

Shell start speedup

Developer mode adds jolla-developer-mode-profile package which installs script /etc/profile.d/developer-profile.sh. This script is executed on each interactive shell start and unfortunately it is pretty ineffective: it takes about a second to run. Well, actually it makes me cry with bloody tears and gives me urge to rewrite it completely.

Here is the patch to improve most obvious slow part, with this modification shell starts 3x times faster. You may apply it with following command with root access in developer mode:

pkcon install patch
curl -s https://gist.githubusercontent.com/Self-Perfection/d03ed332f39038b63899/raw/2a07b16879f0f33a563d3c302138eb18611afc3a/developer-profile.sh.patch | patch -p0
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Thank you, works really nice!! Jolla should merge your Patch asap!

jayki ( 2016-10-11 22:21:53 +0300 )edit