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unbrick my phone! let it love me again! :) [answered]

asked 2015-05-07 14:00:29 +0300

akhokhlushin gravatar image


Two days ago my phone informed me about new update available. It bricked my phone!

Update was started. But in middle of the progressbar update was termitated with message "Update failed, your phone will reboot".

Now my phone lost interface. There are no icons, no messages on the screen. But wallpapers show, and temporary swipe from bottom to up shows info about lost calls, incomming messages etc but only when my finger on the screen.

When somebody calls me I only see wallpaper and listen melody. But i cant answer a call.

What can i do to unbrick my phone?


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Sounds like a job for Jolla Recovery. Read here for more info; https://jolla.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204709607#21

Edz ( 2015-05-07 14:11:24 +0300 )edit

Thank you, I'll try now.

akhokhlushin ( 2015-05-07 14:19:43 +0300 )edit

Before trying recovery, you should try version --dup: https://together.jolla.com/question/91886/114-bricked-phone/#post-id-91985

Sthocs ( 2015-05-07 15:29:13 +0300 )edit

Good point made by @Sthocs - I missed that one!

Edz ( 2015-05-07 15:39:56 +0300 )edit

Sounds a bit like https://together.jolla.com/question/91886/114-bricked-phone/

Blizzz ( 2015-05-07 16:00:29 +0300 )edit

2 Answers

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answered 2015-05-08 22:41:17 +0300

akhokhlushin gravatar image

updated 2015-05-08 23:05:40 +0300

So I solved a problem most easies way: firstly I've connected phone to PC, and using Jolla Recovery copied whole /home partition to PC, next made factory reset, updated using standard gui tool step-by-step updated to latest version and restore /home partition back.

Firstly I didn't found my contacts. Actually contacts was not copied back cause no read privileges on directory .local/share/system/privileged.

When i made on my PC in backup dir:

chmod +x .local/share/system/privileged

and copied this directory back to phone, all contacts restored.

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answered 2015-05-10 14:54:15 +0300

daarig gravatar image

nice title lol!!!

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