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Does the Jolla Phone support the following features? [answered]

asked 2015-05-11 19:43:45 +0300

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updated 2015-05-11 23:01:35 +0300

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I currently use Android and seriously think about buying a Jolla Phone. Before I do that, I want to know whether the following features, which I heavily use with CyanogenMod and F-Droid currently are also supported:

  • Offline Vector Maps (like I have with OsmAnd~ on Android). I have a bike mount and put my current phone there. I can drive wherever I want and still have the vector maps of complete countries with me.

  • SSH Server. I want to be able to transfer files from my GNU/Linux machine to the phone via WLAN in the local network without having to plug it into USB.

  • WPA2 Enterprise. My university offers eduroam, which is a WPA2 Enterprise wireless network.

  • US Keyboard layout. Although I usually have the language set to German, I prefer the US keyboard layout. The Google Android version does not support this, but CyanogenMod allows me to switch the keyboard layout independently of the language.

  • Importing contacts from VCard. I do not like to import my contacts via some cloud service, I like to copy a VCard file onto the device and just import the contacts there.

  • CalDAV and CardDAV sync. This does not quite work with my Android devices now, but I'd like to have that in the future.

If this question does not fit the Q&A scheme here, please point me to the right community.

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offline maps is one of the most voted for feature as there is no native solution. but you can use osmand~ from fdroid easily. maybethey will also develop a native client someday.

kaktux ( 2015-05-12 09:24:38 +0300 )edit

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answered 2015-05-11 20:22:07 +0300

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updated 2015-05-12 12:22:36 +0300

I'm trying to give you an answer to the best of my knowledge:

  • Offline Vector Maps:There are such naitive Sailfish apps available (for example at Openrepos.net) - I know that Maep-QT can display map tiles offline, but maybe someone else can give you a better answer. Otherwise you can install Android support and get for example HERE maps / OsmAnd, where you can download maps by country/region. I cycle as well and use MeeRun (https://openrepos.net/content/bwalter/meerun-sports-tracker-0), a fantastic Sailfish sports tracker app - I don't think though, that it supports offline maps.

  • SSH Server: Yes possible. In "Developer-mode" settings, you can enable SSH connection, set a password and transfer files. I also use a Linux machine and transfer my files this way or via USB-connection (MTP).

  • WPA2 Enterprise:Doesn't work yet out of the box (should be on the development roadmap though). But there's an app called "Roamer" (https://openrepos.net/content/nodevel/roamer) which allows you to manage connections to eduram networks.

  • US Keyboard layout:Yes. You can switch keyboards while typing without having to change settings and independant from system language (long-press on space bar). I use German and English (QWERTY) keyboard and switch depending what language I'm writing in. There are also several home-made keyboards on OpenRepos.com with special features.

  • Importing contacts from VCard: Yes. You can import contacts from vCard files, SIM card, from other device via Bluetooth or CardDAV.

  • CalDAV and CardDAV sync: Both are supported. There are still some issues with CardDAV and self-signed certificate (OwnCloud users like me), but Jolla is working on it...

If you have more questions, please feel free to ask. You might also find answers by searching through Together.Jolla. Whenever you wish to have a feature on Sailfish OS, you can request for it on this website or vote for existing requests.

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How do you use MTP? I have the impression that it still is a bit flaky.

irrep ( 2015-05-20 14:35:40 +0300 )edit

@irrep: I've used it with Ubuntu 14.04 - 15.04 without bigger issues (Windows 8.1 and 7 as well). Simply plugged the phone in and it worked. When I transfer several big files at ones (video podcasts), connection sometimes, but rarely, crashes on Ubuntu. So it's not working perfectly, but for my daily use totally fine.

Those are my experiences, which fortunately have been pretty good (I know there are users who have issues with MTP). But I haven't tested it on other Linux distributions and OSX is of course a hole other story ;-)

What doesn't work for you?

molan ( 2015-05-20 18:26:08 +0300 )edit

answered 2015-05-11 21:16:51 +0300

chemist gravatar image

To cut it short everything a yes, and everything if even limited or by hand without the use of openrepos or gapps (I like to not have openrepos suggested as it broke the second upgrade now, its not like there is any QA in place and gapps is unsupported). WP2Enterprise has no GUI yet but you can setup your eduroam in terminal, osmand~ should be available from f-droid, right? so you do not need to install any gapps and stuff. *DAV is still buggy but in general it should work.

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Being able to use osmand~ or the whole F-Droid is nice, then the switch to Sailfish OS would not be a pessimization in apps.

irrep ( 2015-05-12 10:17:39 +0300 )edit

You even find F-Droid in the official Jolla Store or can simply install their APK from the website. OsmAnd works well on Jolla's Android emulation. I agree with chemist to be careful using OpenRepos - I've never had any problems with it, nor did it broke anything for me. Yet I always was careful and followed some important steps before software-upgrades. So use with care - like everything which didn't go through an offical Q&A, but you'll find some lovely apps (like MeeRun) there which haven't made it yet into the official store.

molan ( 2015-05-12 12:21:49 +0300 )edit

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