[solved] ActiveSync only syncs emails once after account creation

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I have a Horde5 server I installed and I'm trying to make a Jolla phone play nice with it. I've managed to configure the ActiveSync/Exchange account for emails on Jolla - and it first appeared to work. But after the initial sync, it never downloaded any new emails. If I use "Update" in the email client, it reads "Updating ...", then I am told it is all fine, and it reads "Up-To-Date" - but it doesn't actually download any new emails. If I disable and re-enable the account, nothing changes. If I completely remove the account and then re-configure it - it again syncs once all the latest emails - but never syncs again, manually or automatically. I don't get any errors.

The issue above seems similar with: https://together.jolla.com/question/75511/possible-bug-activesync-loses-connection-does-not-sync/ - but I can never get it to sync more than once and I don't get any errors - so maybe it is a different bug. I've tried it on my home wifi and remotely through the Internet - it doesn't appear to make a difference.

The Horde install itself seems fine, I connect through the web interface and through IMAP using Thunderbird - and everything appears OK.

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OK - answering my own post. It turns out that it is most likely a Horde bug. After running one more upgrade on Horde, it just started working. In case it helps others and for reference purposes, this upgrade brought over the following versions, which work fine with Jolla:



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