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Bluetooth issues (pairing & transfers *to* jolla phone)

asked 2015-06-04 04:49:38 +0300

olf gravatar image

updated 2015-08-18 03:04:30 +0300

Using a Jolla phone (SailfishOS, retested with and a SonyEricsson T630.

The Bluetooth 1.1 implementation of these SonyEricsson mobile phones (I used BT on T610, T630 and K700i a lot) always worked well with many different USB Bluetooth sticks at PCs (old BT 1.1 ones as well as BT 2.x ones), mobile phones (Nokia N900 & Symbian phones, and between aforementioned SonyEricsson phones) and a couple of BT headsets (mostly from SonyEricsson). Bluetooth was and is my preferred way of transferring files and most importantly contacts between mobile phones, especially when migrating to a newer phone. I am not willing to use a ”sync service” due to privacy of the data. By browsing other BT related posts here at together.jolla.com it became obvious, that flawlessly working Bluetooth is essential for many, but seems to be problematic on the Jolla phone. But no one seems to have dug deeper into the issues and faced so many of them, yet. My original aim was to just quickly transfer all contacts from the T630 to the Jolla phone (this was months ago).

  1. Bluetooth connection errors

    I never experienced so many Bluetooth connection errors while pairing or transferring data (about every second try). Mostly the BT connection errors occur either before a connection is established successfully or right at the start of a data transfer; rarely a connection error happens in the middle of a data transfer.

  2. Detection of Bluetooth profiles while pairing

    When initiating the pairing from the T630, both phones detect only a single (!) BT profile on the other phone: ”object push” (Jolla's profiles detected by T630) respectively ”OPP” (T630's profiles detected by Jolla). IIRC these two BT profiles are the same: OPP = Object Push Profile

    When initiating the pairing from the Jolla phone, the Jolla detects all available BT profiles on the T630 (SPP, DUN, SYNC, OPP, SPP, HSP, BIP), but the T630 still sees only ”object push” on the Jolla!

    The T630 has a menu entry, which allows to redetect available BT services on an already paired device, but the T630 always just sees ”object push” on the Jolla (I tried this many times).

  3. File transfers

    I was able to transfer files with the extensions ”.jpg” and ”.gif” (EDIT1: and ”.wav”) from the T630 to the Jolla. Pushing other file types (I tried a couple of old audio file formats, e.g. ”.imy” and ”.mid”) to the Jolla results in an aborted transfer right after the BT connection was established. These failed transfers are always correctly logged in the Jolla's notifications.

    By reading together.jolla.com this seems to be a really evil feature of SailfishOS.

    Workaround: See hmallat's post below.

  4. Migrating contacts to the Jolla via Bluetooth

    ... always fails! Neither pushing all contacts or a single contact from the T630 to the Jolla nor pulling the T630's contacts to the Jolla via «Settings --> System --> Bluetooth sync» works. Trying to import the T630's contacts by «Settings --> Apps --> People --> From device with Bluetooth» or the «--> Import wizard» shows no available devices after the search for Bluetooth devices, although the devices are definitely paired. All these actions always fail, some of them are logged under «Settings --> System --> Transfers» with ”failed”.

    Well, as it seems that the Jolla does not accept the contacts when pushing them from the T630, and as the T630 is unable to detect any other Bluetooth profile but ”object push” on the Jolla, it is no surprise to see SailfishOS's Bluetooth sync and import fail (as they are not supported from the T630's view).

  5. Minor Bluetooth settings bug

    Even though «Always accept connections from this device» was switched on while pairing, the Jolla asked each time for allowing a new Bluetooth connection when trying to push data from the T630. Toggling this setting off and on again resolved this, i.e. the feature then works as intended.

Now, how do I transfer my contacts from the T630 to the Jolla easily?

And does the Jolla phone (with SailfishOS and currently really solely expose the Bluetooth profile ”object push”? Edit3: No, supposedly these Bluetooth profiles are supported, see https://jolla.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/201440697-What-Bluetooth-profiles-does-SailfishOS-support-. Thus this is a bug.

NB: All in all you are definitely on the right track IMHO, e.g the licensing, the development model, keeping Nemo alive, but the software stack is what it is: v1

Kudos for the good work.
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Regarding obex push file transfer:

You only need to install an application that tells the system it can open files of the type you want to send, so that opening the file by tapping on the transfer list entry works. For instance WAV files can be opened with jolla-mediaplayer since way back when.

Also, it's easy to disable file type check. Log in as root and

mv /usr/libexec/obexd-contentfilter-helperapp /usr/libexec/obexd-contentfilter-helperapp.evilbegone
hmallat ( 2015-06-05 15:07:47 +0300 )edit

On T630 service discovery and refreshing it: I don't know whether that device will search for all services or only a subset. If possible, please take a binary traffic capture at the jolla side using bluez-hcidump and send it to us for analysis via Jolla zendesk ticket.

To get the traffic dump, install bluez-hcidump package and issue the following command before service discovery:

hcidump -w t630-sdp.pcap

Stop capture by control-C after T630 finishes its refresh.

hmallat ( 2015-06-05 15:13:36 +0300 )edit

On contact transfer:

Jolla implements contact synchronization using OMA SyncML. This is different from IrMC synch which might be what your T630 implements. It's unfortunate that the specification authors couldn't think of clearer naming of course.

We can have a look at what synch method T630 advertises if you take a traffic dump as described below also for Jolla's service queries.

OBEX pushing VCF files to the Jolla phone has been implemented since the first release, please contact care and file a ticket if you have an issue with that.

hmallat ( 2015-06-05 15:39:02 +0300 )edit

@hamallat: Thanks for the informative posts. Unfortunately it took me a while to return to Jolla's Bluetooth issues, again. At least that gave me the chance to retest all this with JollaOS Apparently nothing has changed.

  1. „Regarding obex push file transfer file types”

    Cheers, that was helpful.

    I still wonder why the classic method of unsetting the execute bit via 'chmod -x' did not seem to work, but have no idea, where the 'obexd-contentfilter-helperapp' is called from, respectively how it is called / sourced.

  2. „On T630 service discovery and refreshing it“

    Oh, that was a bit too brief for me.

    a. Where to install 'bluez-hcidump' from?

    Searching the web, I found https://build.merproject.org/package/binary/home:nielnielsen/cmatrix?arch=armv8el&filename=cmatrix-1.2a-10.7.4.jolla.armv7hl.rpm&repository=sailfish_latest_armv7hl as the only installable binary package for JollaOS.

    Is that the bluez-hcidump package you meant?

    Answer: No, bluez-hcidump is supposed to be installed by issuing the following commands as root (use devel-su in order to become root):

    pkcon refresh

    pkcon install bluez-hcidump

    b. How to open a „Zendesk” ticket? (I had to google what that is, after reading your post.)

    https://jolla.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=54653 is one of the typical „customer service” forms in the web (here the „Zendesk” product), which are tedious to fill out, as much unnecessary (and at the same time, privacy sensitive) information is requested (i.e. e.g. my full name, my IMEI, both are non optional fields) and the abilities to properly describe the issue are quite limited. If it would be an issue specific to my Jolla, this may be the right (and probably only) way to contact somebody (and I still would not like it), but if that is supposed to be the proper way of reporting bugs, Jolla has erected a nice wall shilding themselves from many such reports and hide the submitted reports from the outside world (inhibiting bugs filed that way to be searchable). IMHO that is detrimental to successful free software development. Hence I will not support that.

    There sure is a public bug tracker for JollaOS, which is used by the JollaOS developers, isn't it?

  3. „On contact transfer”

    Yes, I always used IrMC sync for transferring contacts via Bluetooth and these old Sony-Ericsson phones do not support SyncML. There was a fix for IrMC in bluez https://git.kernel.org/cgit/bluetooth/bluez.git/patch/?id=9cf18f0b4c1ac69a658a9a4ae8529a4b6e937b88 quite a while ago, but I did not take the time to see where it went (hopefully into the next bluez release thereafter). If that does the job, updating JollaOS with upstream bluez may help.

    Pushing single vCard files ('.vcf') via OBEX push always failed (I tried more than a hundred times, literally), in contrast to other file types, which just fail most of the tries (more than every second one), but not always. Something seems to be special about them, but that might be on the T630 side: A hcidump may be helpful here, but I cannot see how just filing this at Jolla's „Zendesk” might (Edit: In my utter frustration, I just did that for a try), as the issue may occur that reproducibly only in combination with an old SonyEricsson phone.

    Edit2: Filing at Jolla's Zendesk does help one, as the support is excellent, although structurally I still oppose hiding the process from the public as well as having to submit unnecessary private data and to use that clumsy Zendesk.

olf ( 2015-08-18 01:48:38 +0300 )edit

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answered 2015-06-04 08:42:33 +0300

raketti gravatar image

updated 2015-07-08 09:03:36 +0300

This is a known issue Some of these are known and (hopefully) a solution is being worked out, see bug-contact-transfer-from-jolla-to-jolla.

Also in general, the BT transfer is in a not-so-good state at the moment, as transfer from Jolla to another is somewhat buggy also, see bluetooth-transfer-failed-from-jolla-to-jolla.

So, although those two topics focus on Jolla-Jolla transfers, I think your question is related and a duplicate to those. Once the transfer/BT protocols are fixed, it should work with various devices. Unfortunately there has been no updates about the matter. If you can, you could see the first topic I linked and send your BT logs to @Chris.adams - he's been working with this issue.

Edit: Not a duplicate. More profound investigation of the bluetooth issues is desperately needed.

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@raketti: IMO the Bluetooth issues you linked to are only loosely related to the ones I experienced, merely indicating that Jolla's Bluetooth stack is in dire need of some care. Hence these entries on together.jolla.com are not duplicates, rather each describing different Bluetooth issues.

The differences relative to my bug report are:

  1. The Bluetooth connection errors described there occur while transferring data, not while establishing a Bluetooth connection or starting a data transfer.

  2. The issues of detecting and exposing Bluetooth profiles correctly while pairing are not denoted there.
    I still wonder, if the Jolla really solely supports OPP currently?

  3. The issue, that the Jolla seems to severely limit file formats / MIME types, which are transferred via Bluetooth, is not filed there (but elsewhere on together.jolla.com, although in lesser depth).
    EDIT1: This ”feature” works as described by hmallat in his first comment / answer above, and so does his workaround. (I wonder, why the classic method of simply unsetting the eXecute bit via 'chmod -x' did not seem to work.)

  4. Many seem to have problems transferring contacts via Bluetooth, but most bug reports on that merely state ”contact sync does not work”, and none tried to set these issues in context with the other Bluetooth issues. Also the bug reports you linked to are about hanging contact transfers when transferring them to another device (be it a Jolla or something else), while I have been unable to initiate any contact transfer to the Jolla.

  5. Jolla's Bluetooth setting bug is not filed in any of those reports.

Thanks for the link with the relevant logging switches and files, I may contact Chris when I have the time to retry all this with logging on.

olf ( 2015-06-05 14:07:26 +0300 )edit

@olf - I agree that the BT needs some attention, there are so many reports that claim it not to work properly. And after reading these topics, I also agree that these are not duplicates, but however, here's some comments:

  1. The data transfer issue is more or less the same, it doesn't work as it should. In my opinion, it doesn't matter if the connection breaks just after the transfer has started or just before it ends.
  2. I agree and I think the file/contact transfer isn't a profile issue (I might be wrong, but..)
  3. This is a known issue and I agree that it's not as profoundly documented and hasn't had as much attention as the issue should have (a bit of a problem here in TJC in some topics, they just get buried and forgotten).
  4. The other issue I linked was related contact transfers, other was about file transfers. Don't know (as I mentioned earlier) if this has something to do with the BT profiles exposed. But as both of the issues were between two Jolla phones, the profiles should match and if a contact sync option is given it should work - with the same type of phone! But...as said many time over, there's something fishy in the bluetooth net(work).
  5. This wasn't an issue on those topics.

As a summa summarum: The BT's f'd up.

And I find it odd that all these issues haven't had more attention. I know at the moment the Jolla HQ is busy with a lot of things, but still. I'd hate to see these BT issues moved to the Tablet.

raketti ( 2015-07-08 09:00:56 +0300 )edit

I've a bug raised with Jolla care at the mo for BT. My BT resets its name to 'Jolla' and intermittently drops all paired devices. Whilst not similar to your issues, it's pissing me off! I think we'll have to wait until the tablet and an update until we get some dev time to look further into it.

timearp ( 2015-07-09 12:38:55 +0300 )edit

answered 2015-08-22 09:52:10 +0300

edgar gravatar image

updated 2015-08-22 09:56:22 +0300

more of a workaround answer to your question, but still: a privacy friendly way to transfer your contacts from your sony t630 to jolla would be to send the contacts over bluetooth or usb to a laptop/pc (or your n900) and from there transfer them to jolla, again either by usb or bluetooth (n900).

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