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asked 2015-06-09 22:00:16 +0200

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updated 2015-06-10 16:18:58 +0200

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Hi there,

I'm completely new to Sailfish and would like to know if there is any nice native app for Reddit.

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answered 2015-07-28 15:18:53 +0200

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updated 2017-06-18 15:25:34 +0200

Dickson does not maintain Quickddit anymore and I've picked up development. Current and future versions of Quickddit are available in the Jolla Store.

The new git location is at

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answered 2015-06-09 22:14:15 +0200

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Quite a few apps are only available via OpenRepos and not in Harbour. Why is this so?

piero ( 2015-06-09 22:38:21 +0200 )edit

Harbour has quite stringent rules about what apps are allowed to do, which libraries they are allowed to use etc. Apps have to pass a quality control step at Jolla before they're allowed on. If you stick to that, you can be sure that you'll get no problems during upgrades etc caused by those apps.

Openrepos is a self-publishing site, so you're getting the code straight from the developer with no intermediate controls. You have to have a certain amount of trust for what you're installing, but people can do more experimental things. Often you'll see notes in the sailfish update release notes that tell you to remove Openrepos stuff that causes problems.

I don't know if Quickddit does anything that's not allowed in the harbour, but I know it's not really being updated lately, so perhaps dickson just didn't bother to submit it. It was an N9 app first, and I don't think he even has a Jolla. It's very good though. Been using it myself for a long time.

Andy Branson ( 2015-06-10 00:40:26 +0200 )edit

@piero: Andy Branson gave you the perfect answer. I want to add that some developers simply wait until they think their application is mature enough. Recently quiet a lot of Warehouse app made it into Harbour. On Quickddit's github page it's mentioned that the developer plans to submit it to Jolla Store...

molan ( 2015-06-10 13:40:45 +0200 )edit

Thanks guys, I understand this reasoning, although at the same time it made me think that these developers miss quite a user base. If this is cumbersome for devs to apply/fulfill Harbour rules, it eventually harms Jolla itself. But I'm getting off topic.

piero ( 2015-06-10 14:49:40 +0200 )edit

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