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When will we get TOHKBD drivers?

asked 2015-06-11 22:55:16 +0300

Sandoz gravatar image


I'm one of the happy ones that already got TOHKBD. But it needs drivers and I just can't wait. Will/can you please release them to the store before the weekend?

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the requested url was not found...

tw ( 2015-06-11 23:58:42 +0300 )edit

Thats because package is being updated, and gets new version number ;) Its there, just in a newer build https://build.merproject.org/package/binaries/home:kimmoli:tohs/tohkbd2?repository=sailfish_latest_armv7hl

Nieldk ( 2015-06-12 00:00:57 +0300 )edit

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answered 2015-06-12 09:45:52 +0300

Kontio gravatar image

updated 2015-06-12 14:38:34 +0300

Our harbour testing crew got the tohkb also just yesterday to the office, but unfortunately non of the toh testers were available yesterday. But it is right now under testing and if it passes and all goes well it will be available in store before the weekend.

EDIT: 12.06.2015 11:35 UTC
As kimmoli already mentioned the package passed the QA, and in the meantime we also imported all NFC id's to the store, which we got from him. So it should now start to work. At least for me, it needed a reboot after installing the tohkb2 app to make the keyboard working.

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answered 2015-06-12 07:54:59 +0300

kimmoli gravatar image

updated 2015-06-20 23:08:08 +0300

UPDATE: 0.2.0 version is in Jolla store now.

old stuff:

If you get an error popup that says This otherhalf does not work, you are actually in good position - your NFC works, and ready when package comes out from QA to the store to be automatically installed.

If you don't get this error, your tohd is stopped, or your NFC on Jolla might be broken, or something else. You can check this with csd tool.

in this case, please see install instructions here: https://github.com/kimmoli/tohkbd2#installing-through-mer-obs-repo

To update, enter last two commands.

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I don't get error about Jolla store. Tohd.service shows everything ok. Csd tool on the other hand shows: NFC ready and scans, but No Tag Found. Tried with different TOHs, none work. But it's enough for me to install from mer-obs-repos.

kaari ( 2015-06-12 09:05:47 +0300 )edit

My nfc seems to be broken, as it doesn't see the TOHKBD2 or my original white TOH either... Never noticed that because I only had the one TOH. Well, no problem as long as I can install manually. But if I have installed manually, will the Store inform me of future updates, or will I have to update manually every time?

ssahla ( 2015-06-14 19:32:11 +0300 )edit

Manual install does not support update notifications, but as there is so many with broken NFC out there, we must figure out something to solve this issue.

kimmoli ( 2015-06-14 20:35:21 +0300 )edit

Updated to version 0.2.0 and rebooted, but still don't get åäö on my scandic TOHKBD2. Running Sailfish

nick75 ( 2015-06-19 00:01:20 +0300 )edit

ÅÄÖ requires sailfish -update

kimmoli ( 2015-06-19 09:32:07 +0300 )edit

answered 2015-06-12 14:00:35 +0300

kimmoli gravatar image

It is now approved in QA, tested install, soon available on Jolla near you ! Disconnect whole thing, uninstall with pkcon remove harbour-ambience-tohkbd2 and attach TOH back to phone

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Fantastic news. BTW. Thank you for all your hard work on the project.

Sandoz ( 2015-06-12 19:34:39 +0300 )edit

Can't get any input with keyboard on android apps, works fine with sailfish. Is this expected behavior at this point, or am I doing something wrong?

Movetron ( 2015-06-13 11:20:32 +0300 )edit

Android support for keyboard is not yet in Sailfish (1.1.6) but it will support in future update.

kimmoli ( 2015-06-14 20:35:58 +0300 )edit

Why I cannot find it from Jolla store? What is the name of app? I'm running

tace ( 2015-06-17 23:35:32 +0300 )edit

TOH apps are ambience packages, tied to certain TOHID (NFC) and it will install automatically when attached to the phone. These are not visible in store like other apps.

kimmoli ( 2015-06-17 23:37:20 +0300 )edit
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