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Jolla as only phone [not relevant]

asked 2015-06-12 12:23:54 +0300

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I love the concept of the Jolla phone, and I'm seriously considering getting one, but I need a reliable phone (let's define that as "going for a full month before it needs a reboot if I'm just texting and making calls"). I need the battery to last for at least 5 days if the phone is on with only basic conectivity and very short calls (no more than 5 minutes / day). And I need to be able to service it for a long time before I have to get another phone (basically use it until it's completely destroyed).

I've done my homework online, and this is what I found so far:

  1. The Jolla phone warranty is 1 year for the phone and 6 months for the battery. I think in the EU all electronics need to have at least 2 years warranty, but in any case, 6 months for the battery is not that much, and it doesn't seem possible to buy separate extra batteries. That would seem to imply that if the battery dies after 6 months you need to throw away the phone. Am I missing something?

  2. I don't remember if this was Internet hearsay or Jolla official information, but it seems that Jolla is in it mostly for the OS, which it intends to give away to third party hardware manufacturers to use in exchange for a percent of the profits from handset sales. If that's true, what's the future of the Jolla phone? Could I reasonably expect to be able to get a Jolla phone serviced a couple of years from now?

I should mention that I'm a UNIX software developer, so SSH-ing into the phone and tweaking things (such as disabling the NFC systemd service to conserve battery power) does not scare me at all.

So, do you think I could reasonably expect to use a Jolla relatively trouble-free for at least 3 years (but hopefully ~5), with good battery life and an expectation for some form of hardware service? I do understand and respect where Jolla is coming from, but I need reliability and safety above coolness (of course, ideally all the factors should be present).


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answered 2015-07-08 12:44:15 +0300

I have given it up as my only phone after about 9 months of usage.

  • Mutiple instances of Phone shutting down all of a sudden (while receiving / making calls)
  • Wrong low battery alerts
  • Random instances of lipstick restarts
  • No enterprise mail support
  • Poor camera quality
  • Although monthly updates are available, doesn't match user priority IMO. See here for a bug I reported, although tracked by Jolla, has not been made into last 3 releases where i anticipated it to be. No, am not being picky there are many many such trivial issues and have lost my patience following up here, voting, commenting here on TJC.

I will continue to use Jolla as my secondary phone and surely interested in the growth they achieve.

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