Improvement: don't auto-show keyboard on browser bookmarks page so we can see more bookmarks [duplicate]

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The bookmarks page is not very quick to use as soon as you have more than 8 bookmarks (i.e. more than two rows of icons).

  1. Create a new tab (or open browser)
  2. Bookmarks page is loaded, allowing a short glimpse on a full page of bookmarks
  3. URL textfield is being auto-focused immediately
  4. Keyboard slides in from the bottom, hiding all but two rows of bookmarks - oh noes!
  5. need to swipe down keyboard (or flick up page) to access other bookmarks

The need for (5) is not ideal, but watching the animation of an unwanted keyboard sliding in (4) above the bookmarks you would like to tap is what makes this process annoying ;-)

Thus, I suggest not to auto-focus the URL textfield when loading the bookmarks page.

I assume that most mobile users navigate to bookmarked pages most of the time anyway. If their preferred search engine is not one of the pre-installed search engines (which is more than very likely), they probably never use the URL text field at all. If in doubt, make it optional ;-)

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Thanks, didn't find this one

tokaru ( 2015-06-15 20:19:08 +0200 )edit