for a better status of new account creation error (especially caldav/carddav)

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Hello all and great jolla dev.

I find currently that the feedback status when we create a new account and it has failed is really poor and very useless.
Especially if we want to create a caldav/carddav account to a server.

Even if we don't give the right password or the right path, or right login name.
At any cases it come always the same error message back. With something like that "Creation of the account is impossible".

At the moment, there is no way to know if the login name or password is wrong. Or if the pass is wrong. If the server connection don't allowed it. If certificate is not accepted. If it was broken after a timeout. That's a little bit frustrating

for my part in my situation (i try to bound a caldav/carddav account to a cozy-cloud server), I don't know if the problem comes from me (if i have a wrong setup configuration), or from server side or from jolla side (for both wrong config or a bug).
make really nervous.

Definitively, more details on the connection error will be needed.
With Short words. Like:

  • "timeout to server"
  • "wrong login/password"
  • "unknown path"
  • "server not found"
  • "protocol certificate not accepted"
  • "exchange inconsistency with server"

Will be fine that something like that is developed in sfos, for a better understanding and experience on it. Please

Have a good sails

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