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[bug?] Strange behaviour with (WLAN ?) mobile network activated - instability [not relevant]

asked 2015-06-29 11:56:25 +0300

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updated 2015-06-30 13:41:06 +0300

I have now watched the behaviour of the phone over several months and came to the conclusion that there is a bigger problem with activated WLAN and mobile network at the same time.

Whenever I'm at work I can see available WLAN in my corner which are encrypted. That's ok so far, I'm not using them since they are irrelevant for me. But I see that the phone constantly shows the empty WLAN signal with asterisk, as if I am connected to something. Whenever this happens I lose my mobile network connection and can see that I neither can receive chat messages (like Whatsup) nor email or open any page in the browser. As soon as I turn of WLAN everything work fine but I regularly lose the mobile network for a couple of seconds every few minutes.

Can I create log files that can be useful for developer?

I think it's really an annoying thing to have this behaviour. My work-phone which uses the same mobile network doesn't lose the connection, so I can exclude the signal quality from the station.

Edit/Update: I'm not so sure anymore if there is an actual interference with WLAN. The WLAN symbol with a star seems to be just the result of another problem: Instability with the mobile network. It seems more that the mobile network connection is constantly breaking and the wlan then gets chosen as an option from the OS although there are no known networks reachable

So I think the problem needs to be searched within the mobile network handling. I changed the title to better fit my updated status.

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I have had some stability issues with WLAN. I usually switch of the network I don't use and select the other - WLAN/mobile. Couple of times I have now noticed that when WLAN mode phone might just drop the connection and doesn't automatically reconnect while phone hasn't moved or there hasn't been any noticeable network issues. With mobile data I have not seen same issue.

tatuj ( 2015-06-30 21:33:36 +0300 )edit

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answered 2016-11-02 14:21:14 +0300

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updated 2016-11-02 14:22:03 +0300

I'm closing this thread since there have been numerous updates of SFOS so far and the behavior has generally improved/changed. I couldn't get the phone anymore to behave like I described it in the opening post. So I mark it as outdated.

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