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Even if Jolla has IPv6 connectivity with the mobile network, tethering is always IPv4-only. I believe tethering should also be dualstack as my carrier has IPv4 behind CGN and Microsoft Lumia 435 tethered both, IPv4 and IPv6, just by enabling tethering without additional configuration.

This was discussed on #jollasuomi (in Finnish) at freenode on 2015-06-08 and if I understood correctly no GGNS (means what?) in the market supports IPv6 Prefix Delegation and Lumia uses nd-proxy which again was called as wrong way. It was also said that it also works on Jolla by compiling https://github.com/DanielAdolfsson/ndppd and putting DHCPv6 share e.g. /80 block of what is gotten from WISP's /64 and when WISP starts supporting prefix delegation it's just running radvd.

I don't care so much what is the "proper way" as this works on Microsoft Lumia 435 out of the box and PCs connected to it receive 20/20 of ipv6-test.com. It also is more functional by being dual-stack instead of having multiple levels of NAT by being IPv4-only.

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