[bug] lock screen freeze issue [not relevant]

asked 2015-07-15 01:30:18 +0300

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There are so many freeze bug reports that I'm not sure if this is one by its own.

I had it twice now that the lock screen froze. It looks like a GUI problem since the music didn't stop playing. Swiping down to see the running apps or apps icons is no longer possible. In the end, there's no other option than taking the battery out to make the phone restart. I have noticed other questions where people mentioned freezes while using the sms app. This also happened to me today and only restarting the phone solved the problem. I'm starting to believe that my phone suffers from some kind of hardware issue since this is a replacement device and I didn't have such kind of problems before. But most of the problems that my jolla suffers from started with

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