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posted 2014-12-09 12:00:17 +0200

ACTION: start a discussion on TJC about "spring-cleaning"

In a mer meeting (action 3. g) I was asked to start a discussion about spring cleaning of TJC. Now after almost a year, and in the current situation with huge amount of unanswered questions, it's great time to execute this action.

The idea presented in the meeting was that Jolla would inform their customers via a Newsletter, and kindly ask them to visit their TJC profile, possibly checking if there are older questions which could be closed / updated / deleted. I'm not exactly sure about what kind of discussion is expected, but probably about the need of this action and maybe the form of the information posted in a Newsletter - so please, let's just start :)

This is a wiki posts, and all answers are to be marked as wikis as well. Here's a few facts and links to give this discussion a nice kick:


  • Average question rate: 24 new questions per day
  • Average answering rate by Jolla employees: 3.13 per day (or 4.89 per working day)
  • Average answering rate by customers/3rd parties: 26 answers per day (including polls)

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