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2019-03-18 16:51:26 +0300 answered a question [release notes] 3.0.2 Oulanka
Hi! On my XA2 Plus (dual sim) Android is still not able to use the network provided by my operator. Also after this upd ...
2019-02-26 18:41:56 +0300 answered a question [wiki] how to install xposed framework? (and then xprivacy)
Hi! Did you try to install xposed and xprivacy (XPrivacyLua) into the new Andriod? I tried but without success: I'm not ...
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2019-01-03 19:53:20 +0300 asked a question display out of control during phone call
Hello everybody, when I make a phone call with my XA2 plus, the display becames dark and there is no way to interact wi ...