New home screen app ordering should be optional [duplicate]

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The new way to order apps on home screen, where they are ordered in launched order, with the ability to manually select ordering, is confusing me and I think it should be made an option to choose the old behaviour. I make a mental picture of the order I've used the apps, so I have a good idea of where they were in the previous behaviour but I'm lost with the new behaviour. The old behaviour was also more consistent with other how it works with other OS; alt+tab in win, cmd+tab in osx, running apps in android or ios. I know sailfish wants to be unlike, and while I think that is a noble goal, it should only be applicable when it helps usability.

Two use cases:

1) Iwant to switch between two apps multiple times. Previously it was swipe, tap top left repeatedly, independently of which apps I wanted to switch between. Now I actively have to remember the two positions of the apps I want to switch between.

2) (this happened to me just now) I have at least 9 apps open and I open one more, say the calendar, and while there I got an sms and tapped the toaster to open it and reply. When I was done replying I wanted to get back to the calendar. It took me several seconds to get an overview and tap the calendar app. It probably would have been faster open the app drawer and launch it from there.

That last sentence highlights why I think static ordering is wrong: if I wanted static ordering I could use the app drawer. It's as static as it gets. The home screen may try to be static, but that's only true in the same session. Every time I reboot the phone or close an app the order is changed and I have to manually reorder the apps if I want a specific order. There's no real logic to the order as the launch order is completely random from session to session.

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Yes, you are right.

Mohjive ( 2015-09-10 21:42:01 +0300 )edit

I definately agree with you on this topic :)

hzb ( 2015-09-10 21:46:56 +0300 )edit