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Tablet Screen Resolution Choice

asked 2015-10-21 16:50:59 +0300

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updated 2015-10-23 13:53:10 +0300

MoritzJT gravatar image

I would like to suggest a feature for SailfishOS.

Variable screen resolutions which you can choose in the settings app without a restart.

This should be made possible systemwide (SailfishOS render resolution) and also for selected apps only to be able to run some apps in a lower resolution which will upscale yet deliver fluid performance where it still runs into a bottleneck that cannot be solved by reducing inapp detail if offered at all.

Such a resolution system with inheritance of settings would be greatly appreciated!

(I know this might be a bit premature with some fixes already announced for the tablet performancewise coming up in the next updates.

However I have heard that the tablet currently seems not capable enough for some high end games on Alien Dalvik Android. The same is now an issue on the Jolla device itself where e.g. Galaxy on Fire 2 HD lags behind in sound and stutters audiowise. On the phone it hits RAM limitations frequently and quits on me. However the tablet should be up to the task by my jugdement.

This is not my own experience as I'm expecting delivery sometime late in December if at all this year but I'd like to make a suggestion that could help if I got things right.

Of course this only makes sense if the resolution really is the bottleneck and not something entirely different.

In the end I'm afraid no big releases are coming to SailfishOS natively anytime soon if not for some better monetization around the corner ;-)

This should not be up to us users again with some nasty root DPI change tricks again.)

What do you think?

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I won't judge anything before testing myself, but I must agree I've been wondering the selected high-end resolution with an entry level CPU+integrated graphics combination. An option to pick a desired resolution, like possible on desktop operating systems, would be both ideal and a feature not many (I don't know any) mobile operating system offer. Adding some resolution options to the settings might create even a new selling point, and I've understood that SFOS is now supporting multiple resolutions and screen sizes, so why not. Not sure on how much work it would take to implement, though.

simo ( 2015-10-21 23:06:10 +0300 )edit

Maybe tomorrow I will edit this post into a broader feature request ditching the Android side alltogether, if we can get it for the whole OS or just apps but natively! Also I think fixing Android behaviour is really the last thing on Jolla's list and that's not even a bad thing with so many things still open on the native front.

MoritzJT ( 2015-10-21 23:33:13 +0300 )edit

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answered 2015-10-21 18:10:12 +0300

tortoisedoc gravatar image

updated 2015-10-21 18:11:20 +0300

First 5c? Power tuning issues, fixed in later updates (hopefully, i need to add) Second 5c; does changing any of the quality settings improve the experience?

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10c; idk, don't have the tablet yet... I would not want to reduce quality settings in gaming, only the resolution. Why play with worse textures etc. if the only thing holding back decent FPS would be resolution? Still speculating here...

MoritzJT ( 2015-10-21 19:03:02 +0300 )edit

Yeah, thats a feature/bug of games on mobile; you are given very little freedom on which configuration you would like to run your game on; compared to PC, where you can choose basically everything (from textures, to resolution).

tortoisedoc ( 2015-10-23 13:55:24 +0300 )edit
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