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[Feature-Request][Sailfish X][8.1] SMS support for Android apps

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asked 2014-01-09 02:40:52 +0300

Neo gravatar image

updated 2019-08-16 13:35:30 +0300

santhoshmanikandan gravatar image

I have an Android app that works this way: when you want to pay for parking you click some place in the app and it should send an sms to a specified number. After that you receive a message saying that you have paid for parking. When I do that, the app displays a message that a sms is sent, but in the messages app there is no evidence of any sms being sent and no sms is received. I guess that the support for Android apps does not include this functionality. Is it possible to enable it?

Edit 2019/08/11:

Release notes of 2.0.1 / Taalojärvi list support of SMS Sending in Android Runtime. But SMS cannot be sent from Android SMS apps like SMS Organiser from Microsoft in

Edit 2019/08/16: Got a reply from Jolla regarding this. SMS support hasn't been added to Android Support based on the 8.1 version.

Your other TJC is about OS release 2.0.1, so it is an old one. It does not concern the Android 8.1 App Support used in XA2 devices. The earlier devices (Xperia X and Jolla Phone) have a completely different implementation of Android Support. Hence the SMS support in there does not bring any benefit to XA2.

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I think this should not be done due to security concerns. At least not until there is some installer that will warn users about what application will be able to do. See also: https://together.jolla.com/question/982/display-and-edit-android-apk-rights-when-installing-from-transfers/

Nux ( 2014-01-09 10:43:36 +0300 )edit

If the decision is to go with a virtual android environment, of course one should be able to use all the functions. There are so many apps and services that needs an sms. Not being able to do that cripples a lot of the android apps runnning on Jolla. Security concerns should be handled in another way than just "not allowed" or implemented. After all isn't sms a basic functionality?

anasyntes ( 2014-10-17 10:47:11 +0300 )edit

My bank app authenticates with an sms, switching to Jolla cut me off from it :-/

piero ( 2015-07-21 18:26:57 +0300 )edit

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answered 2015-07-22 03:00:46 +0300

simo gravatar image

I'd like to see a similar solution as with the phone calls started from Android side: Sailfish OS user interface asks to confirm before launching the phone app.

SMS could work similar way, Sailfish OS copypasting the message to be sent automatically into Messages app with the correct phone number, user just tapping send to confirm the action

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answered 2018-09-25 20:12:20 +0300

utkarsh gravatar image

Is there any way to get this to work? My banking apps have implemented this feature and I am unable to use those apps.

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answered 2016-01-20 14:44:38 +0300

Toxip gravatar image

Seemed to have implemented in the latest update but at least for me it didn't work in signal app. Can anyone confirm this?

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Signal sending SMS? Where? Why?

coderus ( 2016-01-21 08:51:35 +0300 )edit

@coderus signal was designed to be an SMS replacement so it can send SMS to contacts not using Signal.

Toxip ( 2016-01-27 16:15:52 +0300 )edit

well, i'm sure it need more than function to send sms, it need access to your sms databases to receive and decrypt sms, so

coderus ( 2016-01-27 16:18:30 +0300 )edit

answered 2016-01-24 12:27:30 +0300

drno gravatar image

It does not work for me also with SMSSecure.

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Are you using the latest Sailfish OS release

Alex ( 2016-01-24 13:00:14 +0300 )edit

Yes. I also tried to activate all android features (especially boot services in addition to access to contacts), but it did not solve the issue. Do you have it working ?

drno ( 2016-01-24 21:39:48 +0300 )edit
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