[changelog] 2.0.1 / Taalojärvi [released]

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This post lists the detailed changelog entries for the OS upgrade version 2.0.1. The release notes is available in a separate post here: https://together.jolla.com/question/126892/ .

Packages updated


  • [zypp] Do not let space requirement become negative.
  • [zypp] Revert dependency on libzypp version 14 as we cannot have it yet.
  • [zypp] Fixed implementation of finding newest package while resolving.
  • [zypp] Fixed some size computations.


  • Add native app launcher.
  • Stop the endless retry on RIL_REQUEST_SETUP_DATA_CALL failure
  • Mount the real data dir before accessing it in aliendalvik.spec
  • Add SMS sending support
  • Ensure correct access permission for /data/system
  • Change debuggerd socket name to avoid conflict
  • Add systemd requires into aliendalvik.spec.
  • Increase heapgrowthlimit and heapsize.
  • Add native media control support.
  • Always set input view to trigger UI re-layout.
  • Increase Alien restart interval.
  • Do not allow setting system time in Alien.
  • Fix InitSyncThread in AlienContacts.
  • Use start/stopServiceAsUser in AlienSettingsListener.
  • Use slave mount in Alien chroot env.
  • Fix query NPE when accessing native contacts is not allowed.
  • Always hide hardware keyboard.
  • Always show soft keyboard even if hard keyboard is available.
  • Always clear composing state in onFinishInputView.
  • Send delete intent when notification is cancelled.
  • Enable autocapitalization and prediction for free edit.
  • Enable telephony


  • [partnerspace] Allow lipstick to start/stop partner spaces.
  • [partnerspace] Communicate the partnerspace .desktop to the launcher.
  • [rpm] Remove BuildRequires from ambience content macros.
  • [ambienced] Add a test definition file.
  • [ambienced] Fix test failures.
  • [partnerspace] Remove dependency on partnerspace-launcher.
  • [partnerspace] Communicate the partnerspace .desktop to the launcher.
  • [rpm] Revert back the rpmlintrc.
  • [license] Fix license in .spec.
  • [sailfish-ambience-configuration] Add sailfish-ambience CONFIG option.
  • [sailfish-ambience-configuration] Add sailfish content package rpm macros.


  • Fix CVE-2015-5986, CVE-2015-5722, CVE-2015-5477, CVE-2015-4620. MER#1292


  • [bluez] Check sysfs for unknown bus types. Fixes MER#1313


  • [bugfix] Fix sorting of noarch rpms
  • [noarch] fixes MER#1302


  • [buteo-sync-plugin-caldav] Abort sync if service is disabled. Contributes to MER#1364


  • [buteo-sync-plugin-carddav] Abort sync if service is disabled. Contributes to MER#1364


  • [commhistoryd] Correct deserialization logic. Contributes to MER#1303
  • [commhistoryd] Do not serialize non-writable properties
  • [commhistoryd] Record the subscriber ID for call and message events. Contributes to MER#1303


  • [connman] merge upstream fixes. MER#1312
  • [connman] Fix service-files substitution. Fixes MER#1294
  • [connman] Upgrade connman to v1.30++ MER#1275
  • [packaging] Fix connman version
  • [packaging] Install connmanctl per default and its manual to doc-package
  • [tests] Fix test-dnsproxy.c failing due new random source


  • [contactsd] Report local user name details via DevicePresence interface. Contributes to MER#1353


  • [csd] Add Pass/Fail buttons to Video test
  • [csd] Don't hardcode video paths.
  • [csd] Loop video playback until it has played 15 seconds of video
  • [csd] Only auto-pass video test in run-in test mode
  • [csd] Start video playback when video testing page is loaded
  • [csd] Prevent blanking while executing run-in tests.
  • [audio] Use included sample in audio tests.
  • [csd] Add sample for audio playback cases.
  • [headset] Check KEY_MEDIA in headset button test.


  • Update to 7.47.1. MER#1504


  • [dconf] introduce vendor-variant profile.


  • [flash] flash Phoenix BIOS with flash.sh.
  • [dconf] Hide flash menu from camera app for ov5648 and ov5693 hw.
  • [kickstart] Add customer-jolla feature by default to tbj.


  • Updated fontconfig rules not to create warnings on newer versions. Contributes to MER#708


  • [recovery] run sshd in quiet-mode to suppress meaningless warnings.
  • [recovery] Fixes problems with new openssh (7.1p1).
  • [initrd] Move device specific txeireader to device specific files.
  • [initrd] Separate initrd/ into a git submodule.
  • [rpm] Add possibility to have device specific overrides.
  • [rpm] Start using %{kernel} macro for mkbootimg_cmd.
  • [rpm] Start using submodulized initrd.
  • [rpm] Start using the %{initrd} macro.
  • [rpm] Use fixed localver generation.
  • [rpm] Use more generic dhd kernel modules obsoleting rule.
  • [root-mount] Add userdata to physical device search.


  • [usbtracker] Do not report unknown usb modes in default verbosity.


  • [embedlite-components] Update engadget.com to use same UA as facebook.com.
  • [embedlite-components] Remove no longer needed zoomToRect calls.
  • [sidebar] Copy Sidebar component to embedlite.


  • Updated : 2.19-1.6.4 -- 2.19+6.7-1.8.1
  • Fixes CVE-2015-7547. MER#1515


  • [flac] update flac.


  • Do not strictly check certificate signature algorithms. Fixes MER#1386


  • [GriloMedia] Added modificationDate, height, width and orientation properties. Fixes MER#1215
  • [GriloModel] Adds access to metadata keys as roles in GriloModel. Fixes MER#1227


  • [gstreamer] Obsolete gst-av and gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg.


  • [sensorfw] Fixes MER#1342. Partial revert of last change. fix standby
  • [sensorfw] Some accel outputs need a multiplier
  • [sensorfw] Explicity turn off adaptors when blanking
  • [sensorfw] Fixes MER#1272 Add start/stop to proximity evdev
  • [sensorfw] Fixes MER#1284 explicitly resume and standby, regardless of screen blank.
  • [sensorfw] Fixes MER#1298 switch proxy evdev values


  • [packaging] Obsoletes deprecated wireless-tools. Fixes MER#1300
  • [packaging] Update to version 4.1. Conributes to MER#1125
  • [packaging] Use submodule instead of tarball and drop yaml.


  • [main] Fade to black shutdown.
  • [main] Shutdown from Lipstick.
  • [packaging] Do not hardcode default theme dependency.
  • [graphics] Use generic shutdown logo.
  • [spec] Fix license headers.


  • [calendar] reimplement a better hour view layouter with c++.


  • [jolla-camera] Hide flash menu if "flashValues" setting is empty.
  • [camera] Query camera manufacturer from DeviceInfo
  • [camera] query camera model from Qt DeviceInfo.
  • [jolla-camera] Make the settings "top item" visibility follow the actual setting item.
  • [GalleryView] Consistent video playback behavior with gallery application.


  • [jolla-clock] Fix flashing main screen on dbus activation.


  • [rpm] Split lipstick.conf to new sailfish-content-apps-default package.
  • [jolla-common-configurations] Require abstract tones package.
  • [connman] Use *.sailfishos.pool.ntp.org as FallbackTimeservers.
  • [ngfd] Add 'pwrkey' event.


  • [developer-profile] Whitelist QT_WAYLAND_FORCE_DPI.


  • [oneshot] Drop 12-fix-nobody-group as it is not needed anymore.


  • [jolla-keyboard] Don't try playing audio if it's turned off.
  • [jolla-keyboard] Wait updated properties for autocaps.
  • [jolla-keyboard] Polish hindi keyboard.


  • [components] Returned GriloTrackerModel from Sailfish.Media.
  • [GriloModel] Grilo models and tracker helpers have been moved to Sailfish.Media.


  • [jolla-messages] Only show non-message event in recent contacts.
  • [jolla-messages] Minimize changes to conversation participants.
  • [jolla-messages] Send broadcast message to intended recipients.


  • [notes] Avoid flashing main screen with d-bus started app.


  • [preload-ambiences] Add default tones for all pre-installed ambiences.


  • [jolla-preload-pictures] Add new non-device specific config for high resolution preloaded content.


  • [ui] Force Qt clients to think the display has 96 DPI.


  • [jolla-settings] Add showEventsSettings() dbus method.


  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Fixed OneDrive and Dropbox settings.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Only enable cDAV schedules if explicitly enabled.
  • [settings-accounts] Update Silica dependency.
  • [settings-accounts] Use PasswordField component.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Initialize m_recreatingCredentials boolean.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Fixed packaging details.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Added account support for MS OneDrive.
  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Dropbox accounts plugin.


  • [settings-networking] Update Silica dependency.
  • [settings-networking] Use PasswordField component.


  • [jolla-settings-sailfishos] Accounts page activation URL fixed.


  • [jolla-settings-system] Update source code request address.
  • [jolla-settings-system] Replace underscores with space in SoundDialog file names.
  • [settings-system] Update Silica dependency.
  • [settings-system] Use PasswordField component.
  • [jolla-settings-system] Product license split into a separate package.
  • [display-settings] Use correct property for autobrightness switch.
  • [settings-system] Rename Events settings to Events view.


  • [terms-of-use] New shutdown design.
  • [terms-of-use] Shutdown from Lipstick.
  • [jolla-startupwizard] Hardcoded wallpaper removed.
  • [packaging] Do not depend on specific theme.
  • [spec] Claim owned dirs.
  • [spec] Drop repeated groups and unify license headers.
  • [startup-wizard] Allow Jolla and Android app selection to be bypassed
  • [startup-wizard] Allow Sailfish and Android app selection to be bypassed.
  • [startup-wizard] Disable default BackgroundItem background on app installation pages.
  • [startup-wizard] Only offer aliendalvik selection if not installed
  • [startup-wizard] Remove new translations until translation period.
  • [startup-wizard] Skip Jolla account configuration if unsupported.
  • [terms-of-use] Use generic shutdown logo.


  • [kmod] Update to version 21. Fixes MER#1328


  • [libav] enable mjpeg demuxer and decoder
  • [libav] enable flv demuxer.
  • [libav] Add a patch to fix linking errors with vc1 parser enabled and vc1 decoder disabled
  • [libav] Update to 11.3.


  • [libcommhistory] Allow partial phone matches in findGroup. Contributes to MER#1393
  • [libcommhistory] Fix emission of model signals. Contributes to MER#1378
  • [libcommhistory] Allow recent contacts to be filtered by event category. Contributes to MER#1352
  • [libcommhistory] Allow favorites to be excluded from recent contacts model. Contributes to MER#1347
  • [libcommhistory] Export subscriber identity property from group models. Contributes to MER#1303
  • [libcommhistory] Keep numbers with empty minimization separate. Contributes to MER#1315
  • [libcommhistory] Implement limit/offset for event models. Fixes MER#1291


  • [packaging] Add hwcomposer header. Contributes to NEMO#865
  • [packaging] Drop compat layer. Fixes NEMO#865
  • [packaging] Drop more of compat layer (libsf, libis, libacamera). Contributes to NEMO#865
  • [egl] Let hwcomposer_window serve buffers in a round-robin fashion.
  • [update] update libhybris


  • [storage] Do not warn about non-existing files by default.


  • [libngf] Do not use C++ style function prototypes.


  • Upgrade to 1.6.20 (CVE-2015-8126). Contributes to MER#1435.
  • Upgrade to 1.6.19 (CVE-2015-7981). Contributes to MER#1425.


  • [qapk] Initialize the error member of ApkFile.


  • [libqofono] Fixed problems with QOfonoSimWatcher deleting QOfonoSimManager at wrong time.
  • [libqofono] Added QOfonoSimWatcher.
  • [libqofono] Mark QOfonoModem and other objects invalid if modem goes away. Contributes to MER#1110
  • [libqofono] Sort modems by path. Contributes to MER#1110
  • [tests] Fixed tst_qofonosimmanager


  • [sailfishapp] Add support for multiple icon sizes.


  • [deltarpm] Ensure that the destination path for applying the delta rpm exists.
  • [libzypp] Set download.use_deltarpm.always=true
  • [libzypp] Set rpm.install.excludedocs = yes. Save space on mobile devices.


  • [homescreen] Fix application reordering inside folders.
  • [compositor] Skip window lowering fade transition when display is off.
  • [lipstick-jolla] Don't use password echo mode for non-password fields.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Remove binding loop in EventsView.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Add Events widgets/shortcuts settings button.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Allow Bluetooth dialogs to turn to landscape.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Update jolla-theme dependency
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Add config to force mediavolume.
  • [shutdown] Added new shutdown item.
  • [l10n] Translations support for the Sailfish.Lipstick module.
  • [eventsview] Avoid Events warnings when an account is deleted.
  • [eventsview] Avoid notification warnings when notification object is not set.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Update Silica dependency.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Use PasswordField component.
  • [homescreen] Use smaller switch threshold for home carousel.
  • [homescreen] Fix incorrect positioning of covers.
  • [homescreen] Fix test failures.
  • [homescreen] Hide windows that reject being closed.
  • [eventsview] Fix events view pulley menu not opening.
  • [homescreen] Fix alarms not showing during peek.
  • [homescreen] Fix applications starting in minimized state.
  • [homescreen] Shortcut cover resizing animations if the switcher isn't visible.
  • [homescreen] Hide all windows when the display is off.
  • [partnerspace] Enable the configuration of multiple partner space applications.
  • [partnerspace] Show a screenshot as a placeholder for unlaunched applications.
  • [mce] Instruct mce not to remove tklock when device lock is active.
  • [shutdown] Use generic shutdown logo.
  • [spec] Drop repeated groups and unify license headers.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Report the subset of remote notification actions.
  • [lipstick-jolla-home] UnistallButton changed to use two-part clear icon.
  • [eventsview] Move shortcuts immediately on orientation change.
  • [compositor] Avoid incoming calls getting automatically silenced when the display is turned on.
  • [compositor] Fix alarm windows being briefly hidden when the display is turned on.
  • [compositor] Fix homescreen being hidden after an alarm or call.
  • [compositor] Fix windows blocked by a closing window being hidden.


  • [lipstick] Add a categories property to LauncherModel.
  • [lipstick] Preserve existing items in LauncherWatcherModel on changes.
  • [HwcImage] Adapted to new default Sailfish theme.
  • [lipstick] Delay reporting notification additions. Fixes MER#1316
  • [lipstick] devicelock triggers randomly.
  • [lipstick] Do not restore transient notifications
  • [lipstick] Don't perform blocking DBus call unnecessarily.
  • [lipstick] Fix device unlock sequence.
  • [rpm] Claim owned dirs. Fixes MER#1309
  • [rpm] Cleanup unnecessary Groups. Contributes to MER#1309
  • [rpm] RPM cleaning. Fixes MER#1309


  • [dbus] Allow adjusting mce verbosity while it is running.
  • [dbus] Tune error recovery paths
  • [tklock] Add setting for tweaking volume key input policy.
  • [tklock] Add setting for disabling unblank to lockscreen animation.
  • [display] Add setting for dim timeout with hw keyboard available. Fixes MER#1321
  • [display] Move code / constants to more logical place
  • [display] Refactor adaptive dimming handling. Contributes to MER#1321
  • [keypad] Add support for simple user-defined keyboard backlight. Fixes MER#1349.
  • [display] Add missing prototypes and fix function name prefix
  • [display] Add setting for kbd slide inhibit mode. Contributes to MER#1321
  • [tklock] Add settings for tuning keyboard slide open/close policy. Contibutes to MER#1321
  • [dbus] Add method for querying uptime and suspend time.
  • [lib] Add utilities for getting 64-bit time stamps. Contibutes to
  • [orientation] Add options for tweaking orientation sensor usage. Fixes MER#1331
  • [callstate] Do not second guess call state requested by dbus clients. Contibutes to
  • [callstate] Give "ringing" call state priority over "active".
  • [usbmode] Do not report unknown usb modes in default verbosity.
  • [tklock] Show device unlock view if tklock removal must be denied. Fixes MER#1324
  • [callstate] Allow multiple D-Bus clients to set call state.
  • [packaging] Update mce-dev dependency. Contributes to MER#1310
  • [powerkey] Add missing include file. Contributes to MER#1310
  • [powerkey] Use powerkey event constants instead of hardcoded values. Contributes to MER#1310
  • [powerkey] Add "vibrate" power key action. Contribues to
  • [powerkey] Vibrate when locking device via double powerkey press.
  • [dsme] Move dsme signal handling to mce-dsme module.
  • [dsme] Refactor mce-dsme module.


  • [powerkey] Add constants for powerkey events. Fixes MER#1310


  • [player] Unregister from DBus upon destruction. Fixes MER#1350


  • [nemo-qml-plugin-configuration] Add SDK autocompletion support.


  • [nemo-qml-plugin-dbus] Add SDK autocompletion support.
  • [nemo-qml-plugin-dbus] Avoid printing errors if application handles them.
  • [nemo-qml-plugin-dbus] Don't try introspection if target is not set.


  • [nemo-qml-plugin-messages] Only request readiness for the first message. Contributes to MER#1240


  • [nemo-qml-plugin-notifications] Add SDK autocompletion support.


  • [displaysettings] Add autoBrightnessEnabled property.
  • [displaysettings] Add lidSensorFilteringEnabled property.


  • [nemo-libav-thumbnailer] build require the recent libavformat.


  • [nemo-qtmultimedia-plugins] Fix crash when the scene graph is invalidated.


  • [ofono] Updated nettime plugin to support more than one modem. MER#1110


  • [accessories] Retry wired detection if initial try fails. Fixes MER#1311


  • [sshd] Set UsePAM to yes and disallow ChallengeResponseAuthentication. Fixes MER#1335
  • [security] Upgrade to 7.1p1. MER#839
  • [security] Upgrade to 7.1p2. Fixes MER#1502


  • Upgrade to 1.0.2g. Fixes MER#1534


  • [pacrunner] Deleted pacrunner-0.8-plugins-Update-v8-plugin-to-the-newest-API.patch. Fixes MER#1344
  • [pacrunner] Update to upstream 0.9


  • [poppler] Update to 0.24.5.


  • [tests] Fix test script for latest pygobject. Fixes MER#1357


  • [card] Add missing general module arguments.
  • [card] Fix typo in log message.
  • [card] Implement VSID setting when changing to voicecall.
  • [card] Remove unused define.
  • [sink] Add missing modargs to module.
  • [sink] Add overriding modargs for sink.
  • [sink] Fix typo in log message.
  • [source] Add missing modargs to module.
  • [source] Add overriding modargs for source.
  • [source] Fix typo in log message.
  • [source] Pass device as integer if needed. Fixes MER#1343
  • [util-51] Enable VSID for 5.1 with qcom bsp. Fixes MER#1356
  • [util] Include android-config.h.
  • [util-51] Add missing formats.
  • [util-51] Add qcom specific entries.
  • [util] Correct comparison for default audio source. Fixes MER#1286
  • [util] Use default audio source if nothing specific is defined.
  • [sink] Remove mention of buffer count.
  • [sink] Set initial latency correctly.
  • [sink] Sleep after stream writing blocks. Fixes MER#1212


  • [card] Add missing general module arguments.
  • [card] Fix typo in log message.
  • [card] Implement VSID setting when changing to voicecall.
  • [card] Remove unused define.
  • [sink] Add missing modargs to module.
  • [sink] Add overriding modargs for sink.
  • [sink] Fix typo in log message.
  • [source] Add missing modargs to module.
  • [source] Add overriding modargs for source.
  • [source] Fix typo in log message.
  • [source] Pass device as integer if needed. Fixes MER#1343
  • [util-51] Enable VSID for 5.1 with qcom bsp. Fixes MER#1356
  • [util] Include android-config.h.
  • [util-51] Add missing formats.
  • [util-51] Add qcom specific entries.
  • [util] Correct comparison for default audio source. Fixes MER#1286
  • [util] Use default audio source if nothing specific is defined.


  • [packaging] Bump version. Fixes MER#1301


  • [python-imaging] Upgrade to 2.9.0.


  • Update to 0.23.0 for Mer. MER#1538
  • Sync patches and packaging with latest fedora.
  • Provide m2crypto for backwards compatibility. Contributes MER#1538
  • Provide python-m2crypto for backwards compatibility. Contributes MER#1538
  • m2crypto should be called python-M2Crypto; as a first step


  • [qtbase] Cherry-pick text rendering fix for isolated indic characters. Fixes MER#1281


  • [qtdeclarative] Backport bugfixes to touch/mouse handling.
  • [qtdeclarative] Fix missing images when alpha and shader effects are involved. Fixes .


  • [wayland] Fix compositor blocking clients when the screen is off.
  • [qtwayland] Don't invalidate textures when the scene graph is stopped.
  • [qtwayland] Set the right physical size of the screen.


  • [qtcontacts-sqlite] Add missing detail fields. Contributes to MER#1345


  • [qtmozembed] Make it possible to refocus an input field.
  • [qtmozembed] Set DPI for new View.
  • [qtmozembed] Release ready to paint mutex after value is updated.


  • [api] Bump to API level 3.


  • [sailfish-browser] Update Aptoide installation support.
  • [sailfish-browser] Position tabview when opened in landscape.
  • [sailfish-browser] Bind paint throttiling and readiness to visibility.
  • [sailfish-browser] Make declarativebookmarkmodel unit tests isolated.
  • [tests] Isolate declarativebookmarkmodel test cases.
  • [sailfish-browser] Decrease minimum favorite icon size.
  • [refactoring] Access webPageComponent prop via getter method.
  • [refactoring] Drop unused DeclarativeWebContainer::alive()
  • [refactoring] Move WebPage creation to Factory class for easier testing
  • [refactoring] Simplify logic of privacy setting.
  • [tests] Add unit tests for WebPages.
  • [webpagequeue] Use QPointer when keeping DeclarativeWebPage.
  • [sailfish-browser] Don't request Geolocation permission if gps is disabled.
  • [sailfish-browser] Improve tab thumbnailing logic.
  • [sailfish-browser] Read bookmarks from default-content directory.
  • [refactoring] Contributes to . Make inserting tab data into DB non-blocking.
  • [refactoring] Decrease the amount of tabs' copying
  • [refactoring] Drop DBManager::createLink()
  • [refactoring] Drop linkId property from Tab struct
  • [refactoring] Drop redundant DBManager::tabListAvailable() slot
  • [refactoring] Drop unused signal nextTabIdChanged()
  • [refactoring] Drop unused Tab::currentLink() methods
  • [refactoring] Get rid of nextLinkId maintenance
  • [refactoring] In WebPage use DB as primary data source for history data
  • [refactoring] Maintain nextTabId in one class only
  • [refactoring] Reduce data exchange between sqlite and browser UI
  • [tests] Cover storage subsystem with unit tests.
  • [tests] Improve robastness of tst_dbmanager
  • [tests] Remove platform and iterations options from tst_dbmanager case
  • [tests] Remplement tst_dbmanager.
  • [tests] Titles are not reset upon url updates.
  • [sailfish-browser] Fallback to pretty formatted url for a tab in case title is empty.


  • [sailfish-components-contacts] Activity design improvements.
  • [sailfish-components-contacts] Fix positioning of inactivity placeholder.
  • [sailfish-components-contacts] Report readiness from PresenceListener
  • [sailfish-components-contacts] Report self contact details to presence listeners.
  • [sailfish-components-contacts] Allow contact selection to filter recent contacts by event type.
  • [sailfish-components-contacts] Exclude favorites from recent contacts.
  • [sailfish-components-contacts] Expand contact activity list in two steps
  • [sailfish-components-contacts] Only show 'Show more' activity if relevant.
  • [sailfish-components-contacts] Minimize reported contact changes.
  • [sailfish-components-contacts] Add ContactActivityPage.
  • [sailfish-components-contacts] Add ContactActvityList.
  • [sailfish-components-contacts] Add sections to expanded activity list


  • [sailfish-components-media] Replace underscores with space in file name based title.
  • [Grilo] Removed GriloTrackerModel to avoid dependency.
  • [release] Bumped version to 0.0.32
  • [GriloModel] Added a basic Grilo query based model and tracker helpers.
  • [GriloModel] Added a basic Tracker based GriloModel and helpers.


  • [sailfish-components-store] Populated property added to StartupApplicationModel.


  • [sailfish-eas] Eas daemon. Search GAL Command tests implementation.
  • [sailfish-eas] Eas daemon. Search GAL Request tests implementation.
  • [sailfish-eas] FetchItem Request tests implementation.
  • [sailfish-eas] FetchMessages request tests implementation.
  • [sailfish-eas] GAL Search request.
  • [sailfish-eas] Global Address book support for Exchange accounts.


  • [fonts] Removed Roboto Thin and Sail Sans Pro ExtraLight rules.


  • [l10n] Depend on translations-pack.
  • [l10n] Depend on -pack instead of virtual package


  • [sailfish-svg2png] Move THEMENAME variable from prf to config user side.
  • [sailfish-svg2png] Add sailfish-svg2png CONFIG option.


  • [sailfish-tutorial] Launcher edge indicator fixed.
  • [sailfish-tutorial] Fix some scalability issues.
  • [sailfish-tutorial] Background overrides removed. Using fade in instead.


  • [silica] Decrease CoverPlaceholder margins on tablet size.
  • [sailfish-silica] Read physical size from primary screen.
  • [sailfish-silica] Add PasswordField component.
  • [sailfishsilica] Don't exit if hidden when the cover is created.
  • [sailfish-silica] Fix VKB pushing page content out of view in landscape emulator.
  • [sailfishsilica] Update and add missing plugins.qmltypes.
  • [sailfish-silica] Use the first zN.M subdir as a theme fallback path.
  • [spec] Claim Silica dir.
  • [spec] Drop repeated groups and unify license headers.
  • [themedaemon] Added zoom factor support to dconf themes.
  • [doc] Add a link to the common pitfalls documentation to the index page.
  • [silica] Define header font to use common one.
  • [sailfish-silica] Add FormattingProxyModel
  • [sailfish-silica] Add TimepointSectionHistorical date formatting option.
  • [sailfishsilica] Component gallery/Orientation: Reflect current orientation.


  • [config] allow libdl.so.2(GLIBC_2.1)
  • [config] allow 'QtQml.Models 2.1',


  • [sensorfw] Fixes MER#1342. Partial revert of last change. fix standby
  • [sensorfw] Some accel outputs need a multiplier
  • [sensorfw] FIXES Explicity turn off adaptors when blanking
  • [sensorfw] Fixes MER#1272 Add start/stop to proximity evdev
  • [sensorfw] Fixes MER#1284 explicitly resume and standby, regardless of screen blank.
  • [sensorfw] Fixes MER#1298 switch proxy evdev values


  • [shared-mime-info] Add 0001-Add-audio-x-opus-ogg-mime-type.patch.


  • [packaging] Bump version to 0.21.4. Contributes to MER#1295


  • [buteo-sync-plugins-social] Don't set recurrence on upsync if none exists. Contributes to MER#1392
  • [buteo-sync-plugins-social] Set no default reminders if required. Contributes to MER#1383
  • [buteo-sync-plugins-social] Update sync timestamp after gcal sync. Contributes to MER#1392
  • [buteo-sync-plugins-social] Use correct incidence comparison function. Contributes to MER#1392
  • [buteo-sync-plugins-social] Commit changes after all remote communication succeeds. Contributes to MER#1248
  • [buteo-sync-plugins-social] Add OneDrive token refresh sync adaptor. Contributes to MER#1297
  • [buteo-sync-plugins-social] Fix Google Calendar synchronization issues.


  • [statefs-providers] Add Cellular.CallCount.
  • [statefs-providers] Fix voiceCapability
  • [statefs-providers] No need to get VoiceCallManager properties.


  • [store-client] Allow sideloading without connection to store backend.
  • [store-client] Don't try to report uninstallation to store backend when offline. Fixes .
  • [store-client] Side loading casess fixed for InstallHandler.
  • [store-client] Fixed two race conditions regarding setting the ssu release version in time between queued transactions.
  • [store-client] Release cover image for 2.0.1.
  • [store-client] Only show uninstalled packages in startup wizard.
  • [store-client] Take epoch part into account in version comparison.
  • [store client] Abort with error notification if the OS update information could not be retrieved.

telepathy-ring * [telepathy-ring] Include IMSI property in SIM messages and calls. Contributes to MER#1303


  • [config] Do not warn about missing configuration files.


  • [tracker] fixes for libav metadata extractor.
  • [tracker-libav] check format metadata for tags and fallback to audio stream metadata
  • [tracker-libav] get metadata from audio stream instead of the format context.


  • [transferengine-plugins] Implemented OneDrive plugin.
  • [bluetooth] Fixed possible memory leak in BluetoothUploader::writeFileContent
  • [transferengine-plugins] Dropbox transfer-plugin.


  • [adb] improve adb starting
  • [systemd] Put busname in correct section.
  • [usb-moded] Assign a new USB id to the obex-less MTP profile.
  • [usb-moded] Do not print output for post services that are not started
  • [usb-moded] Do not retry network when there is no need.
  • [usb-moded] Release 0.85


  • [update] Update to version 2.27. Fixes MER#1329


  • [voicecall-ui-jolla] Continue paused hangup animation when call gets disconnected.
  • [voicecall-ui-jolla] Hide instead of just minimize call dialog if user has explicitly disconnected the call with quick app closing gesture.
  • [voicecall-ui] Show recent contacts without voicecalls.
  • [voicecall-ui] Don't initiate USSD message when network is not available.
  • [voicecall-ui] Deactivate the call dialog when it closed.
  • [voicecall-ui-jolla] Allow dismissing call immediately after remote disconnect.
  • [voicecall] Reset multitap on other character input.
  • [voicecall-ui-jolla] Add logs to catch calls getting silenced issue.


  • [wpa_supplicant] Upgrade to v2.5. Contributes to MER#1354


  • [embedlite] Add API for setting APZC's and widget's DPI.
  • [embedlite] Check for dereferencing null pointer
  • [xulrunner] Fix flickering in progressive paint.


  • [rpm] Move BuildRequires from macros to here.
  • [rpm] Fix build requirements.
  • [sailfish-content-ambiences] Move translations and ambience image to the ambience root.
  • [sailfish-content-ambiences] Use common RPM packaging macros for spec.
  • [sailfish-content-ambiences] Use CONFIG += sailfish-ambience configuration.
  • [rpm] Fix Version, Obsoletes, Provides, and Requires fields.
  • [rpm] Set default ambience if not set previously.
  • [sailfish-content-ambiences] Rename jolla-preload-ambiences to sailfish-content-ambiences-default.


  • [sailfish-content-browser-default] Add default bookmarks for default configuration.
  • [sailfish-content-gallery] Add default configuration package.
  • [sailfish-content-gallery] Create a common sailfish-content-downloader.
  • [sailfish-content-gallery] Drop legacy content packages.
  • [sailfish-content-gallery] Rename jolla-preload-pictures to sailfish-content-gallery-default.
  • [sailfish-content-gallery] Rename to sailfish-content-gallery-default.


  • [rpm] Added missing provides for old package.
  • [theme] Adapted to new default Sailfish theme.
  • [ambient-icons-closed] Use CONFIG += sailfish-svg2png configuration.
  • [ambient-icons-closed] Added OneDrive account icons.
  • [ambient-icons-closed] Pixel optimizations to Dropbox icons.
  • [ambient-icons-closed] Added Dropbox icons.


  • [theme-jolla-ambient] Add icon-s-setting.
  • [packaging] Split content from main package to base.
  • [rpm] Added -base packages to avoid conflicts in image creation.
  • [theme-jolla-ambient] Remove nemo-theme dependency.
  • [rpm] Fixes packaging typo.
  • [graphics-default] From jolla-ambient to sailfish-content-graphics-default.
  • [svg] Replaced Jolla's logo with Sailfish' one for default packaging.
  • [rpm] Cleanup unnecessary Groups.
  • [theme-jolla-ambient] Use CONFIG += sailfish-svg2png configuration.
  • [jolla-ambient] Small two-part opaque clear icon added.
  • [theme-jolla-ambient] Update icon-launcher-screenshot.
  • [jolla-ambient] Icons with scaling factor 1.25 added.
  • [theme-jolla-ambient] Add icon-launcher-screenshot.
  • [jolla-ambient] Create symlinks to earlier removed icons.


  • [dconf] Configuration file moved under vendor-variant.


  • [rpm] Obsolete profiled-settings-default.
  • [rpm] Provide and obsolete profiled-settings-sailfish.
  • [sailfish-content-tones] Rename jolla-ringtones.spec to sailfish-content-tones-default.spec.
  • [profiled] Profiled settings added.
  • [sailfish-content-tones] .spec and .pro files renamed.
  • [sailfish-content-tones] Change the package name and set the Provides/Obsoletes lines.

Packages obsoleted

  • ambient-icons-closed-common
  • jolla-ambient-common
  • jolla-gold
  • jolla-ringtones

Packages removed

  • ambient-icons-closed
  • gst-av
  • gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg
  • gstreamer1.0-libav
  • jolla-ambient
  • jolla-gold
  • jolla-ringtones
  • upower
  • wireless-tools
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[themedaemon] Added zoom factor support to dconf themes.

What does this mean in practise?

jollailija ( 2016-01-19 17:42:29 +0300 )edit

@jollailija That was one of the needed changes so we can have different shutdown and startup graphics for different devices

veskuh ( 2016-01-19 18:15:05 +0300 )edit

I do not see many telepathy changes in the log, but at least my Jabber/XMPP connection to jabber.ccc.de is working again. It was broken in

P. S.: I think a line break is missing near "telepathy-ring". At least the formatting is broken there.

Benjamin ( 2016-01-19 21:44:21 +0300 )edit

the issue with jabber.ccc.de was tather with the ccc than with the jolla. They changed somethings (i.e. new certificate), so it is working again.

Hades0299 ( 2016-01-20 03:45:50 +0300 )edit

Still no VPN support yet! :(

BirdZhang ( 2016-01-20 06:59:43 +0300 )edit