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[changelog] 1.1.6 / Aaslakkajärvi [released]

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This is the detailed changelog for 1.1.6, mainly interesting for developers. View the highlights of the release in this separate post.

Packages updated


  • [zypp] Separate dist-upgrade cache directory from main cache


  • [ambient-icons-closed] Flattr (donation feature) icon for store client.


  • [eas] Collect id of matched search messages after adding them to DB

  • [systemd] Start as-daemon only after all accounts checks.


  • [alien] New signals: installPackageFromRPM and uninstallPackageFromRPM

  • [dbus] getAndroidAppDataUsage

  • [apkdaemon] Ask store-client to remove RPM on app uninstall

  • [notifications] Fix notifications for new-style apk2rpm

  • [apkd] Add apkd-harbour-rpm-{post,preun}

  • [apkd] Allow upgrading of harbour apps


  • [bluez] Enable closing of AVDTP connections with an abort request. Fixes MER#912.

  • [bluez] Don't reference pointer after deallocation. Fixes MER#905.

  • [bluez] Emit name changes also when adapter is down. Fixes MER#899.

  • [bluez] Rearrange channel disconnection. Fixes MER#874.

  • [bluez] Handle abort during stream set up

  • [bluez] Handle disconnected-connected state transition

  • [bluez] Fix AVDTP general reject message type

  • [bluez] Calculate MPS dependencies bitmask dynamically


  • [balance] Added optional allocation goal parameter to have balancing stop when reached. Fixed harmless but frightening QProcess output attempting to kill btrfs.

  • [btrfs-balancer] Adjust the OOM score to prevent the service from getting killed by the OOM killer.

  • [btrfs-balancer] Run btrfs balancing with Idle IO scheduling class.

  • [btrfs-balancer] Get partition conf from btrfs-balancer-configs.

  • [balance] Created D-Bus service for btrfs-balancing for use by UI.

  • [balance] D-Bus service is managed by systemd to prevent startup when shutting down.

  • [balance] Fixed handling of connection/registration failures.

  • [balance] Fixed privileged access via D-Bus.

  • [balance] Implemented more fine-grained progress information by polling the balancing subprogress.

  • [balance] Improved handling of battery situations. Cancel balancing if the command line tool is interrupted by Ctrl-C.

  • [balance] Removed dependency on sailfish-snapshot and its config file. Remember time of last successful balancing operation.

  • [balance] Removed unnecessary usage of QLocale. Force btrfs to run in C locale to avoid bad parsing surprises.

  • [balance] Use contextkit instead of accessing the statefs filesystem directly.

  • [balance] Use ssu device info and sailfish-snapshot-config to find out about the root device instead of hardcoding it.

  • [balance] Using previous allocation and battery thresholds for systemd timed maintenance task.


  • [buteo-sync-plugin-caldav] Abort sync on connection-loss. Contributes to MER#885

  • [buteo-sync-plugin-caldav] Store notebook-to-calendar mapping in OOB DB

  • [buteo-sync-plugin-caldav] Prevent dtEnd data from being lost for all-day events


  • [buteo-sync-plugin-carddav] Add rudimentary connection-loss handling. Contributes to MER#885

  • [buteo-sync-plugin-carddav] Ensure that synced details are modifiable

  • [buteo-sync-plugin-carddav] Support importing PHOTO properties

  • [buteo-sync-plugin-carddav] Support ignoring SSL errors

  • [buteo-sync-plugin-caldav] Don't restart daemon in %post. Contributes to MER#1044


  • [buteo-sync-plugins] Use remote_name instead of remote_id for OBEX


  • [buteo-syncfw] Make sure sync path exists


  • [commhistory-daemon] Added support for sending MMS read reports

  • [commhistory-daemon] Replace class 0 SMS model with separate D-Bus interface


  • [connman] Fixed memory leak in supplicant.c

  • [connman] agent: corrected usage of g_list_delete_link

  • [connman] dnsproxy: request_data in request_list need the request data

  • [connman] Fixed crash in wispr_portal_web_result

  • [connman] Fixed memory leak in check_dhcpv6

  • [connman] Fixed the check of inet_pton return value

  • [connman] network: do not try to set gateway with dhcpv6

  • [connman] service: set routes only for same family-type

  • [connman] ipconfig: modify __connman_ipconfig_newaddr() to return success/fail

  • [connman] resolver: Do not reset timers when redoing nameservers

  • [connman] rtln: Redo nameserver(s) only when ipaddress is previously unknown

    [connman] wifi: disconnect if 4way-handshake fails while roaming. MER#930

[connman] wifi: disconnect if wpa_s state changes from completed to scanning. MER#930


  • [qa-csd] Detect Touch IC self test capability.

  • [qa-csd] Detect vibrator support.

  • [csd] Speed up dataRate for compass calibration.

  • [csd] Remove qcfg functionality.

  • [csd] Add basic support for differing hardware feature sets.

  • [csd] Warn before starting 'Continued tests'.

  • [csd] Listen for system shutdown events and close tests cleanly.

  • [csd] Show pass/fail indicator in single test mode.

  • [bluetooth] Fix Bluetooth auto-enabling and use QML states instead of bool properties to set states and respond to state changes.

  • [bluetooth] Remove test timeout and 'default pin' display.

  • [bluetooth] Use BluetoothPairingManager to handle pairing process

  • [csd] Fix issue where some continue tests were not run.

  • [csd] Fix LED test due to name collision.

  • [csd] Restore LED state after LED test.

  • [csd] Wi-Fi test should not remove an existing network from the list of known networks.

  • [wifi] Pause wifi test timeout while connection is being selected, and show timeout countdown.

  • [wifi] Use standard connection selector and use QML states instead of bool properties for state change handling.


  • [dsme] Disable shutdown by long power key press during os update.


  • [fingerterm] Use libnemonotifications rather than MNotification


  • [packaging] fix rpmlintrc to pass stricter checks

  • [sensorfw] Remove rpmlintrc stuff. Fixes MER#893

  • [sensorfw] get compass working Fixes MER#882

  • [sensorfw] remove extra line endings in status report

  • [sensorfw] Fix hybris compass calibration level.

  • [packaging] fix rpmlintrc to pass stricter checks

  • [sensorfw] add accel, als, gyro & mag evdev adaptors.

  • [sensorfw] let standbyOverride be changed while running

  • [sensorfw] revert accel x & y values.Fixes MER#983


  • [jolla-alarm-ui] Delete notifications returned by Notification::notifications()


  • [theme-jolla-ambient] Update unread email icons.

  • [theme-jolla-ambient] Add unread email icon.


  • [jolla-calendar] Separate EventDetails from EventViewPage

  • [jolla-calendar] Show account icon in Manage Calendars view.

  • [jolla-calendar] Avoid event deletion on date change if remorse cancel was used.

  • [jolla-calendar] Use expireTimeout to expire notification.

  • [jolla-calendar] Don't briefly flash main page if activated via D-Bus.


  • [jolla-clock] Use Text.NativeRendering to avoid df artifacts on large text elements.

  • [jolla-clock] Use expireTimeout to remove expired notification.

  • [jolla-clock] Stop WallClock on cover when application is inactive.


  • [contacts] Hide SIM card entries from settings, when functionality is not present.


  • [rnd-dist-upgrade] Refresh and download in one step.


  • [search] Highlight text only for selected search options.

  • [email] Add email search

  • [composer] Don't auto-save attachments by default if composer is invoked from external apps.

  • [jolla-email] Display notification if attachment cannot be opened.

  • [mail] Select and mark multiple emails as read/unread.

  • [email] Use styled text in the message list lables.

  • [jolla-gallery-facebook] Make sure images won't crop.


  • [jolla-keyboard] Automatic expiry of notification.


  • [components] Use styled text instead of auto text in delegates.

  • [components] Basic MediaKeys reacting onReleased.

  • [src] Media item's title, artist and album are now just 1 line long.


  • [jolla-messages] Disable MMS settings controls while IMSI is unknown.

  • [jolla-messages] Make dbus activation show the loading cover.

  • [jolla-messages] Added "Send read reports" option.

  • [jolla-messages] Mark messages read by the recipient as read.

  • [jolla-messages] Replace Class 0 SMS handling as separate service.


  • [jolla-notes] Avoid hidden areas that remove keyboard focus.


  • [settings] Mask cellular related settings when modem is not available.

  • [jolla-settings] Make dbus activation show the loading cover.

  • [jolla-settings] Add favorite settings configuration for devices without cellular support.

  • [jolla-settings-sailfishos] Never skip refresh for OS update download


  • [jolla-signon-ui] Don't restart daemon in %post. Contributes to MER#1044


  • [jolla-settings-accounts] OAuth sign-in pages should not be cached.

  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Check the correct object for AccountSyncOptions::modified() in anySyncOptionsModified().

  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Hide settings for disabled accounts.

  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Ensure Jolla account is always saved in 'enabled' state.

  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Prevent out-of-process sign-in UI from appearing due a non-cancelled oauth account creation.

  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Ensure that account sync profiles exist in settings.

  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Only trigger sync profile updates if modified.

  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Cancel pending sign-in requests when cleaning up.

  • [jolla-settings-accounts] Cancel OAuth request if credentials update page is popped.


  • [settings-bluetooth] Ensure adapter name is displayed correctly when it reverts to the default name.

  • [jolla-settings-bluetooth] Add title and icon to bluetooth settings favorites.


  • [network] Hide mobile data counters when there's no celular modem.

  • [jolla-settings-networking] Add title and icon to network settings favorites.

  • [jolla-settings-networking] Added "Reset to default" action to EditMobileNetworkPage.

  • [jolla-settings-networking] Turn EditMobileNetworkPage from Dialog into Page.


  • [jolla-settings-sailfishos] Check for update size only if it's missing before download.

  • [jolla-settings-sailfishos] Added check for last successful fs balancing. Skip balancing if it succeeded recently.

  • [jolla-settings-sailfishos] Added RPM dependency for required store-client version.

  • [jolla-settings-sailfishos] Use allocation goal for btrfs-balancer.


  • [system-settings] Invoke CSD tool from about product. (with 5 taps on the OS version number)

  • [jolla-settings-system] Require haptics support to show haptic settings.

  • [jolla-settings-system] Use consistent style for language change confirmation.

  • [jolla-settings-system] Apply horizontalPageMargin to dev mode disclaimer.

  • [about] Add disk usage page

  • [jolla-settings-system] Disable WallClock in time setting when app is inactive.


  • [jolla-vault] Disable and remove Facebook Contacts sync on restore.


  • [sbj] slimbus: Change debug prints from pr_err to pr_debug.

  • [sbj] Fix CVE-2015-2922 ipv6: Don't reduce hop limit for an interface

  • [sbj] Move vmlinux to debuginfo package.


  • [libcommhistory] Added event() method to SingleEventModel

  • [libcommhistory] Support for MMS read reports


  • [libcontacts] Add API to support PHOTO processing in client code


  • [libjollasignonuiservice] Remove special resizing for Twitter log-in page.


  • [libqofono] Added QOfonoConnectionContext::authMethod property

  • [tests] Adapted tst_qofonosimmanager to recent changes in libqofono

  • [tests] Fixed tst_qofonoradiosettings

  • [libqofono] Flush QOfonoSimManager property cache when SIM is removed

  • [libqofono] QString constants in QOfonoSimManager

  • [libqofono] Invalidate QOfonoConnectionContext when it disappears

  • [libqofono] QOfono::mobileCountryCodeToAlpha2CountryCode fixes

  • [libqofono] Updated country code search algorithm


  • [libsocialcache] Require kcalcore in pkgconfig. Fixes MER#886

  • [libsocialcache] Support storing calendar->notebook mapping for CalDAV

  • [libsocialcache] Support UID+RecurrenceId kcal ids

  • [libsocialcache] Support RECURRENCE-ID in Google calendar metadata


  • [libxkbcommon] Update to upstream's version 0.5.0. Fixes MER#911


  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Correctly handle notification removal.

  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Highlight lockscreen notification icon when pressed.

  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Protect against unexpected notification destruction.

  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Disable events peek when lock screen settings don't allow it.

  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Show tethering overlay for any kind of tethering.

  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Restore notification 'remove' context menu option.

  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Use press effect to highlight notification preview.

  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Do not show exclamation mark over cellular/wlan icon.

  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Do not refresh list model on filterIds change.

  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Show itemCount if memberCount is 1.

  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Display missed call notifications.

  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Do not respond to notification models before population.

  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Mark displayed notifications when events view closes.

  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Show notification for voicemail waiting condition.

  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Use GlobalPresenceListener from Sailfish.Contacts.

  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Fix old bindings breaking weather banner discovery and updates.

  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Fix pending USB dialog not showing after Connection dialog.

  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Make sure weather advertisement is not shown after weather uninstallation.

  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Set autoconnect to true before connecting if favorite.

  • [homescreen] Reset state when canceling app deletion.

  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Disable fast peek when screen is locked.

  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Do not emit change signals during model move operation.

  • [lipstick-jolla-home] Use heuristic to select preview banner.

  • [lipstick-jolla-home] In notification banner fall back to summary text.

  • [lipstick-jolla-home] In notification show body if empty summary.


  • [lipstick] Protect QObject instances from garbage collection.

  • [lipstick] Restore critical urgency level to some notifications. Contributes to MER#915

  • [lipstick] Use HWC for buffers allocated on server-side only.

  • [lipstick] add a simple compositor tool for debugging lipstick-level problems without home

  • [lipstick] Bring back the release event so wlbuffers are released correctly

  • [lipstick] Don't crash when HwcNodes are deleted

  • [lipstick] Don't create new HwcNodes before we have valid wayland buffers.

  • [lipstick] Don't set layerOnly to true when we have an empty scene graph.

  • [lipstick] Enable use of HWC for window surfaces.

  • [lipstick] HWC for clients, updated HwcInterface to v0.2 and use improved hybris extensions.

  • [lipstick] Make buffer releasing API slightly more flexible

  • [lipstick] Make screenshot service disable HWC so backgrounds are included

  • [lipstick] reset the hwc's layerlist as well when we disable it.

  • [lipstick] Warn and abort gracefully when HwcImage's source doesn't exist.

  • [packaging] Fix placement of simplecompositor binary

  • [lipstick] Do not unnecessarily emit lockscreen locked state change.

  • [lipstick] Use a single notification for disk space warning

  • [lipstick] Don't destroy LipstickCompositorWindow if delayRemove is true.

  • [lipstick] Fix notifications DB directory

  • [lipstick] Fix notification category update

  • [lipstick] Supply default notification appName for lipstick notifications

  • [lipstick] Translate Android notification appName property

  • [lipstick] Batch notification removals where possible

  • [lipstick] Fix crash when a compositor window is removed from the scene.

  • [lipstick] Make sure HwcImage gets the right texture state.

  • [lipstick] Make a screenshot of the WindowPixmanItem's surface when hidden

  • [lipstick] Add populated property to notification model

  • [notificationtool] Add purge operation

  • [lipstick] Look up notification app properties by PID

  • [lipstick] Separate ownership from appName property

  • [lipstick] Adjust urgency and expiry values for system notification categories

  • [lipstick] Allow category configuration to modify notification properties

  • [lipstick] Do not remove notifications with expireTimeout=0

  • [lipstick] Always clear LauncherItem.isLaunching after a set timeout.

  • [lipstick] Add xOffset and yOffset properties to WindowPixmapItem.

  • [lipstick] Fix screenshot package dependencies. Contributes to MER#937

  • [lipstick] Set the correct DBus interface for the WindowModel. Fixes MER#954

  • [lipstick] Remove obsolete notifications. Contributes to MER#995

  • [lipstick] Ensure correct sorting of notifications. Contributes to MER#991

  • [lipstick] Do not return appIcon property. Contributes to MER#1012

  • [lipstick] Move screenshottool to its own package. Fixes MER#937

  • [lipstick] Fix auto test failures. Contributes to MER#1025

  • [lipstick] Sanitize Android notification preview properties. Contributes to MER#1034


  • [systemd] Allow booster to start earlier in the bootup.


  • [privileges] Add Sailfish Exchange ActiveSync daemon to privileged group.

  • [mapplauncher-privileges-jolla] Add sailfish-btrfs-balancer to privileged list.


  • [systemd] Let booster-qt5 start earlier in the bootup.


  • [mce] Do not cancel display state restore when tklock or devicelock is applied.

  • [mce] Refactor proximity & autolock state machines.

  • [mce] Add setting for autolock delay length. Fixes NEMO#787

  • [mce] Add option to ignore tklock removal while device lock is active.

  • [mce] Remove legacy ambient light sensor logic.

  • [mce] Remove legacy proximity sensor logic.

  • [mce] Using sensorfw for ambient light / proximity sensor control is not optional.

  • [mce] Remove stale l10n code and data. Fixes NEMO#721

  • [mce] Add SW_LID to list of events MCE is interested in. Fixes NEMO#797

  • [mce] Remove unused mce.ini configuration items.

  • [mce] Handle statefs Battery.State = "low" correctly.

  • [mce] Stop mce fbdev child process from dumping cores on shutdown.

  • [mce] Improve diagnostic logging from cpu-keepalive plugin.


  • [mms-handler] Added text details to the send state change notifications.

  • [mms-lib] Notify handler when read report sending is finished


  • [mbpi] Telecom Italia settings. Fixes MER#896

  • [mbpi] LTE compatible configuration for Telekom DE

  • [mbpi] Moved working Telstra AU settings to the top of the list


  • [nemo-qml-plugin-calendar] Add model for showing and importing vCalendar and iCalendar events from file.

  • [nemo-qml-plugin-calendar] Refactor utility functions to a namespace

  • [nemo-qml-plugin-calendar] Add calendar dbus data service

  • [nemo-qml-plugin-calendar] Add ligthweight QML calendar data model

  • [nemo-qml-plugin-calendar] Add sub-package lightweight

  • [nemo-qml-plugin-calendar] Expose notebook account information. Fixes MER#887


  • [nemo-qml-plugin-contacts] Delegate the ordering of first and last names to libcontacts


  • [nemo-qml-plugin-dbus] Added signal for property changes via DBus properties

  • [nemo-qml-plugin-dbus] Improve typedCall error handling


  • [email] Emit synchronizingChanged signals when last action is canceled by user

  • [search] Add cancel flag to search to avoid late remote search after local canceled.

  • [search] Correctly filter messages based on the enabled search options.

  • [email] Emit synchronizingChanged signals when last action is canceled by user

  • [search] Add cancel flag to search to avoid late remote search after local canceled.

  • [search] Correctly filter messages based on the enabled search options.

  • [email] Add option to set account key with all folders in messageListModel.

  • [search] Add cancel flag to search to avoid late remote search after local canceled.

  • [email] Add search action.

  • [search] Add methods to cancel ongoing search.

  • [search] Add searchLimit property to message list model.

  • [search] Add searchRemainingOnRemote property to emailMessageList.

  • [email] Add Preview to local search key.

  • [emailmessage] Allow cleaning of recipients after setting them.

  • [messageModel] Introduce MessageParsedSubject role.

  • [accounts] Reload QMailAccountConfiguration when accountId changes and after initial check.

  • [attachments] Properly handle attachments inside multipart emails.

  • [messageList] Add markAsReadSelectedMessagesIds markAsUnReadSelectedMessagesIds invokables.

  • [nemo-qml-plugin-email] Hide messages marked as deleted.


  • [nemo-qml-plugin-notifications] Separate appName from notification ownership

  • [nemo-qml-plugin-notifications] Add property for notification urgency

  • [nemo-qml-plugin-notifications] Add utility function to construct action variant

  • [nemo-qml-plugin-notifications] Prefer application name to filename

  • [nemo-qml-plugin-notifications] Fix broken encoding when no action name is specified


  • [nemo-qml-plugin-systemsettings] Don't count free space as used

  • [nemo-qml-plugin-systemsettings] Remove subdir space use from parent with path expansions

  • [diskusage] Add DiskUsage QML component

  • [diskusage] Add support for querying RPM sizes

  • [diskusage] Don't count bind-mounts

  • [diskusage] Expand "~/" in paths

  • [diskusage] Support for getting rootfs disk usage

  • [diskusage] Support for querying apkd if it is installed

  • [plugin] Add disk usage component.


  • [obexd] Configurable PBAP channel. Fixes MER#900.


  • [security] Fix CVE-2010-5107

  • [security] Fix CVE-2011-0539

  • [security] Fix CVE-2011-5000

  • [security] Fix CVE-2012-0814

  • [security] Fix CVE-2014-2532

  • [security] Fix CVE-2014-2653

  • [hostkeys] Run key generation parallel and make use of multicore cpu's.

  • [keygen] Make sshd-keys.service start earlier.


  • [packaging] Add patches for starting bluez4 device suspended.

  • [spec] Claim pulseaudio dirs.


  • [rpm] Packaging customizations and updates for 3.4.3 (Fixes MER#862)

  • [upstream] Update sources to Python 3.4.3


  • [eas] Emit proper errors when search is canceled.

  • [eas] Enablers for remote server search.

  • [search] Handle better search request cancel actions.


  • [qmf] Change IMAP4 default for auto download small attachments.

  • [qmf] Use QTextDocument to parse html.

  • [qmf] Correctly handle multipart/signed parts

  • [qmf] Handle 'Deleted' flag properly for IMAP accounts.

  • [imap-idle] Check if IDLE connection needs to be established after login.

  • [systemd] Start messageserver only after all accounts related services.


  • [mer] Revert "Introducing QWindow::requestUpdate()."

  • [qtbase] Backport: Introducing QWindow::requestUpdate().

  • [qtbase] backport QWindow::updateRequest


  • [mer] Revert "Use QWindow::requestUpdate in threaded renderloop."

  • [qtdeclarative] Backport: Use QWindow::requestUpdate in threaded renderloop.


  • [qtlocation] Avoid map polyline/route/polygon draw around half the world


  • [qtsensors] Make sensorfw als values the common standard for QtSensors Fixes MER#898

  • [qtsensors] Fix clients starting sensors when sensorfw restarts.


  • [sailfish-browser] Move MOZ_LAYERS_PREFER_OFFSCREEN to browser side.

  • [beautification] Add descriptive comments for indexed bookmarks

  • [bookmarks] Make bookmarks ordered

  • [sailfish-browser] Add support for private browsing

  • [sailfish-browser] Limit history size to 2000 entries

  • [sailfish-browser] Remove redundant tabsCleared signal

  • [sailfish-browser] Update URL to tutorial videos

  • [sailfish-browser] While activating a tab do not use page's title and url

  • [tabmodel] Always clear tabs upon getting new tab list from DB

  • [webcontainer] reset tabId after reseting title and url

  • [webpagesqueue] Use one common queue for WebPages in private/public modes

  • [sailfish-browser] While activating a tab do not use page's title and url

  • [sailfish-browser] Add bookmarks cleanup to private data cleanup


  • [sailfish-components-accounts] Cancel pending OAuth requests in cancelSignInOperation().

  • [sailfish-components-accounts] Don't emit an extra signInError() signal.


  • [sailfish-components-bluetooth] Change default adapter name dconf key and install a default value

  • [sailfish-components-bluetooth] Don't emit initial property change signals and ready() signal until default name has been set.

  • [sailfish-components-bluetooth] Set default name following reply from GetProperties() rather than PropertyChanged().

  • [sailfish-components-bluetooth] Add BluetoothDevice::DeviceInfo to wrap individual list item data.

  • [sailfish-components-bluetooth] Expire InputConnecting flag when necessary.

  • [sailfish-components-bluetooth] Size BluetoothDevicePicker width to parent.width by default


  • [contacts] Hide phone actions when no SIM is present.

  • [sailfish-components-contacts] Convert PresenceListener to singleton

  • [sailfish-components-contacts] Import PresenceListener from lipstick-jolla-home

  • [sailfish-components-contacts] Separate GlobalPresenceSwitchBar to a separate component

  • [edition] Don't accept edition by flicking when the split edition dialog is not open.


  • [office] Adjust content position when device is rotated and zoom level changes.

  • [office] correct an issue of content jumping when zooming near the end of long PDF files.

  • [office] Add a search field in the header to filter document list.

  • [office] Add proper StyledText for search highlights

  • [sailfish-office] Filter the document list with a search field

  • [office] Add an attribute to PdfDocument about its encription status.

  • [office] Add in the PDF place holder a way to provided a password for locked down files.

  • [office] Don't open PDF files that failed to load and generate a notification.

  • [office] Protect the use of Poppler::Document pointers in pdfjob and pdfrenderthread to avoid segmentation faults in case of an error in PDF loading.

  • [sailfish-office] Add the ability to unlock password encrypted PDF documents

  • [office] Add a flag in the DocumentListModelEntry structure to set if the entry is out of sync with provided entries from tracker (or other sources). Use the new DocumentListModelEntry flag to labelled entries in case of a tracker signal so to avoid the clear() call on model.

  • [sailfish-office] Set the Labels' default text format to plain text.


  • [sailfish-silica-background] Use a much faster dimming method.


  • [sailfish-weather] Refresh weather when toggling between current and weather list covers.


  • [sailfish-silica] Add DialogHeader::defaultCancelText property.

  • [sailfish-silica] Don't show DialogHeader press effects when dialog label is not present.

  • [sailfish-silica] State that defaultAcceptText and defaultCancelText are localized.

  • [lib] Theme::highlightText to always return the original text escaped.

  • [sailfish-silica] Keypad scalability.

  • [sailfishsilica] Apply horizontalPageMargin to DialogHeader buttons.

  • [doc] Document Theme.horizontalPageMargin

  • [docs] Update docs links to new qt website.

  • [sailfish-silica] ApplicationWindow._defaultLabelFormat added.

  • [sailfish-silica] Allow context menu to open without MenuItem contents.


  • [configs] btrfs-balancer configuration file added.

  • [patterns] sailfish-btrfs-balancer added to jolla-configuration-sbj.yaml.

  • [patterns] Add jolla-settings-layout to jolla-configuration-sbj.yaml.


  • [wlan] Filter wlan mcast to avoid wake-ups when suspended.


  • [sensorfw] get compass working Fixes MER#882


  • [signond] Use peer-to-peer dbus connections for signon


  • [packaging] Own directories and %ghost file.


  • [buteo-sync-plugins-social] Implement rudimentary connection-loss handling. Contributes to MER#885

  • [buteo-sync-plugins-social] Set summary+description info into Google Calendars. Contributes to MER#884

  • [buteo-sync-plugins-social] Support RECURRENCE-ID occurrences correctly from Google Calendar

  • [buteo-sync-plugins-social] Ensure Google contact details are modifiable


  • [toolchain] Revert C++11 changes for GCC 4.6 compatibility

  • [ssuurlresolver] Compile with C++11 for recent versions of libzypp

  • [cleanup] Remove unmaintained rndregisterui

  • [ssu] Use Wlan MAC address as the device UID if IMEI is not found.

  • [ssucli] Show Domain in "ssu status"


  • [tests] set both LANG and LC_ALL to C for tests. Fixes MER#876

  • [workaround] use C locale when registering providers


  • [ofono] allow to detect is voice calling available

  • [ofono] Cellular.VoiceCall - Fixes MER#865

  • [power] Battery.LowBattery property was not updated

  • [power] do not set battery state to low if charging

  • [power-udev] recognize more charger types. Fixes MER#863

  • [providers] Support modes in Qt-based providers. Fixes MER#864

  • [keyboard] do not crash in destructor when dumping metadata


  • [store-client] Release cover image for upgrade 15.

  • [store-client] Perform the implicit OS update check only when idle.

  • [store-client] Allow downloading os update without refresh.

  • [store-client] Check for system update size automatically in the background.

  • [store-client] Query the device UID from ssu.

  • [store-client] Flattr(donation) support.

  • [store-client] Ignore system update size check requests if one is already in progress/queue.

  • [store-client] Preserve os update size info if the found update is the same as earlier.

  • [store-client] Show "cannot connect to store" place holder when handshaking fails.

  • [store-client] When uninstalling by desktop file always check the rpm cache first.

  • [store-client] Do full repository refresh before calculating os update size.

  • [store-client] Send a dedicated dbus signal when actually checking for os update size.

  • [store-client] Use separate signal for os update size changes.

  • [store-client] Check for os updates every 8 hours or so.

  • [store-client] PackageKit-zypp dependency updated.

  • [store client] Handle offline case for getting the OS update size.

  • [store client] WIP. Fixed to have the OS update check always return a result.

  • [store client] WIP. Retrieve OS update size via PackageKit.

  • [store client] Proof of concept implementation for retrieving the OS update size information from PackageKit.

  • [store-client] Show system dialogs with showFullScreen() instead of show()

  • [store-client] Restore ssu back to original version after system update size check.

  • [store client] Fixed error handling for cache refresh failures.


  • [patch] Support additional argument in reboot

  • [patch] Remove unused systemd-187-reintroduce-support-for-deprecated-oom.patchpatch


  • [telepathy-gabble] Fixed memory leak in wocky_xmpp_reader


  • [packaging] use systemctl-user try-restart MER#1044


  • [network] Fix fall-out of changing udhcp conf stuff to defines

  • [/run] Actually use /run, not /var/run.

  • [systemd] Add systemd tmpfiles.d hack

  • [usb-moded] clean-up mode if one is set before switching

  • [usb-moded] Make sure hw fallback mode always works

  • [usb-moded] Put udhcpd conf file in /var


  • [voicecall] add support for remote held signal.Fixes MER#907

  • [voicecall] Refactored telepathy plugin to split channel type handling.

  • [voicecall] Updated telepathy plugin to fix issues with CallChannel handling.

  • [voicecall] Various updates to the telepathy provider plugin for VoIP/SIP support.


  • [voicecall-ui-jolla] Show phone number on call log item context menu.


  • [patterns] Add jolla-settings-layout-no-cellular to the emulator vm.


  • Fix CVE-2015-1877

  • lca-tool has to be tried for local files before using the generic open method Fixes MER#971

Packages added


  • [sailfish-btrfs-balancer] Show failureDialog with showFullScreen() instead of show().

  • [sailfish-btrfs-balancer] Added requesting timestamp of last successful balancing operation.

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could someone explain what is buteo. Is is a function? a tool? or an interface? please

cemoi71 ( 2015-06-08 12:35:28 +0300 )edit

@cemoi71 sync-engine

chemist ( 2015-06-08 12:39:29 +0300 )edit

@chemist engine means work just on underground?

cemoi71 ( 2015-06-08 12:56:15 +0300 )edit

It is not an "App" if you are asking for that, "Accounts" create sync targets with buteo as service provider, https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Buteo

chemist ( 2015-06-08 13:04:52 +0300 )edit

@chemist there is no better answer like this. thank you very much for it

cemoi71 ( 2015-06-08 13:15:39 +0300 )edit

2 Answers

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answered 2015-06-08 14:22:16 +0300

ilpianista gravatar image

Why isn't Maps changelog included? I got the update to 1.0.40, then something is changed.

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I think you are one behind, wasn't that maps update 1.1.4, for me it did not install with 1.1.4 but later on a manual update did pull it in.

chemist ( 2015-06-08 16:57:06 +0300 )edit

I too got the 1.0.40 update right now, after installing 1.1.6. But Jolla Store says Maps was updated 19/01/2015.

ssahla ( 2015-06-08 21:04:05 +0300 )edit

rpm -q --changelog sailfish-maps

chemist ( 2015-06-08 22:41:06 +0300 )edit

answered 2015-06-08 21:39:03 +0300

Larswad gravatar image

Half finished update?

My own Jolla went just fine with the update, it seems stable and fine.

My wifes though didn't go well. None of us use any of the mentioned patches or other exotic stuff. I wasn't there at the time, but my wife claims that the update went through and that it rebooted. I.believe her. Lipstick seems to reboot frequently, the about screen mentions right os name and version but can't click.size icon to get space usage. Can not bring up the Sailfish OS Update screen because that crashes lipstick directly. Browser is in a funny state that if it shows landscape it is upside down. Basically most things are superweird.

It feels as though update didn't finish properly. I have reinstalled my wife's phone before and thats ok, she has backup of stuff.

BUT, I'd rather don't! Is there any way I can force-continue of the update, or even re-trigger it?

And, how could this happen, she had full battery and not much difference to my phone. Only odd thing I observed when I got home was that it was in flight mode, which is very weird.

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First you should check out the metadata space like described here. Then you could use the command version --dup in terminal like described e.g. here (but be careful...).

Alex ( 2015-06-09 10:29:56 +0300 )edit

Thanks Alex! I will try that when I get back home today. It is very frequently crashing with the red led, but maybe if I go in with ssh over either wifi or usb it'll work. But I will disable the openrepos first.

With metadata I suppose you mean checking with btrfs balance whether she can gain some internal flash memory? I can check of course, but I'm rather sure she's fine with the internal memory use.

Larswad ( 2015-06-09 17:20:12 +0300 )edit

Yes you should check with btrfs fi show (as root) if 'devid 1' has atleast 1.5 Gb of free space (if not you should balance it) and try to reinstall the update. The red blinking LED is also often a good indicator for a possibly full devid 1 storage (metadata).

Alex ( 2015-06-09 22:50:49 +0300 )edit

If the phone is in flight mode after updating (and it wasn't before the update), then that's a pretty certain sign for the update process being interrupted forcefully, e.g. by switching off the phone.

pycage ( 2015-06-12 17:46:03 +0300 )edit

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scottheflin589 ( 2020-09-23 11:28:28 +0300 )edit

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