Weather App in Notification View and Mobile Data Connection

asked 2016-03-18 11:56:14 +0200

MaTi gravatar image

Hi. I know there are many postings out there dealing with the Weather App and also many dealing with the Mobile Data Connection in context with Wifi. - But as I don´t think I found a description of the situation I just experienced, I decided to open this posting.

I went to the Weather App in the Notification View, saw that the 5-day-Overview hadn´t updated as yet and also saw that both Wifi and Mobile Connection were still enabled. - I was in an area with very good Wifi Coverage and therefore switched the Mobile Connection off before I tapped on the Weather App for it to update. - But unfortunately this didn´t happen. - It was saying that there was a disabled network and that there was no network and it didn´t update. - X-checked Mail, Internet and the Weather App itself... All of them were working fine and without any issues. Disabling and Enabling Wifi finally allowed the Weather App in the Notification View to update again.

Does anyone by chance know what makes the update of the Weather App in the Notification View different from the update of other apps which require a data connection? - Many thanks.

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