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Is there a simple way to add manually (pkcon) installed apps to store "my apps"?

asked 2016-07-07 15:14:14 +0300

Acce gravatar image

During moving to Jolla C, I grabbed a list of installed store apps (harbour-*) from Jolla, copied the list to Jolla C and used

invoker --type=generic pkcon install $appname

for each app in that list.

Just now I noticed that they didn't register to "My apps" in the Store app. Is there a way to get them there, without reinstalling them in the store app manually?

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This would be especially helpful for migrating the Ambiences from the TOHs you own. Cannot be done the regular way by attaching TOH since they are not supported by Jolla C.

Matthias ( 2016-07-24 14:14:42 +0300 )edit

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answered 2016-07-29 12:14:50 +0300

Acce gravatar image

Hmm.. After upgrading to EA, all my store apps appeared in "My Apps".

However, installing something new with pkcon still did not appear there.

So, something in the update process seems to also update the "My Apps" list, now we just need to find out what is that step, and how to run it without an update.

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