[feat. req] Editable auto-change parameteres between 4G/3G and WLAN data

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In the evenings I'm walking our cat outside our house (belive it or not :) ) - she won't get far from the house where I have a long range WLAN AP - when walking the cat I like to read news etc. But walking around the house the connection bounces between WLAN and 4G - resulting in the phone trying/insisting to connect via WLAN in a too weak signal strenght and therefore loosing network = no news to read. - So - it would be VERY nice if I could set a treshold values when to change to 4G and when to change back to WLAN - eg. - 1) editable signal-strenght treshold value of the signal quality of WLAN - if the signal quality would be less than the treshold value the phone would fallback to 4G/3G data - eg. only use WLAN when signal is very good. - 2) editable time treshold value, when the phone would try and change back to WLAN - eg. if there have been X minutes of better signal strenght than set in parameter 1 ONLY after X minutes would the phone reconnect to the WLAN - eg. only retry WLAN when the user has been near the AP for quite some time. (and yes, I do know that I can manually de-select WLAN, but since I'm so lazy I would not like to :) )

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I think you could hack something up with the app "Situations":

  • When [your wifi] is out of range: wifi off
  • When screen off: wifi on

Note: you'll need to install the display plugin to do the second rule.

Then you could probably add some rules to mitigate any problems this brings.

attah ( 2016-11-21 20:35:31 +0300 )edit