Document, Image share option.

asked 2017-02-12 22:44:42 +0300

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Currently when openening and viewing an image or document you can share through Bluetooth or Email:

Email/ Bluetooth

And the following options exist when selecting ADD share account:

Share Account Add

I am using, Intex Aquafish

Even i have dropbox added in accounts and synched it does not show in sharing menu, even though i have Jabba, Facebook and Google acxounts active and synched and it doesnt show in Sharing menu as option.

Additional Sharing options that would be nice and some of them have been requested in previous Jolla Together posts (feel free to add links here): 1. sharing over wifi, 2. sharing over SMS, 3. Sharing using Alien-Dalvik supported apps (like VOIP messaging apps Talkatone, or Talk You), 4. Send to Mac, send tp PC directly (not email),

Additionally UI workflow improvement suggestions:

Currently one tap opens sharing menu,

One click share

Suggest adding share option by long pressing on document and image by adding share to the following Menu:

Add Note Long Press Menu

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