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"Panasonic Image App" not connecting

asked 2017-09-17 21:22:04 +0300

SaimenSays gravatar image

updated 2017-09-17 22:22:00 +0300

Hello community,

I've bought a Panasonic camera. The "Panasonic Image App" downloaded from Aptoide Store should connect to camera to remotely view or take pictures. No problem to install and start the App, but unable to connect to the camera. I tried direct connection as well as connecting both to my router.

Has anybody used this app sucessfully and can tell me how to get it working?

There are other threads, reporting issue with different remote apps for other products. Are all these apps using an unsoported alien-dalvik communication protocol?

Edit: Found connection-to-wifi-cameras-via-android-apps now. It is an old thread from 2014, so maybe anybody found a solution meanwhile?

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All these apps that attempt to control the smartphone's connections will fail because Alien Dalvik doesn't allow this. I have tried both the Panasonic and Olympus apps to pair with my WiFi-enabled cameras, as well as Garmin connect mobile to connect my bike computer. No success at all.

ziellos ( 2017-09-18 09:30:28 +0300 )edit

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answered 2017-09-18 14:40:53 +0300

ziellos gravatar image

You may use the Android app "DLNA Camera Sync", at least downloading images from camera to phone works this way. Note that the app (or the camera?) is not able to handle images in RAW format, which seems obvious.

I have been successfully using that app to copy images from my GM5 to my Aqua Fish / Jolla C.

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It's not only downloading the pictures. There is also remote controlling the camera for different aspects. But I will give it a try...

SaimenSays ( 2017-09-18 18:44:38 +0300 )edit

answered 2017-09-18 22:37:01 +0300

jovirkku gravatar image

updated 2017-09-19 08:49:23 +0300

I succeeded in copying images from Panasonic Lumix GX80 to Xperia X running Sailifish OS 2.1.2. Both devices were connected to my home WLAN.

Sailfish OS does not support WiFi Direct, so the connection must go via an external access point (a 3rd device).

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That sounds great! Could you please share your camera's settings?

ziellos ( 2017-09-19 09:05:19 +0300 )edit

@ziellos: I do not think I have any special settings. The destination now (in the camera menu) is "Xperia X" beyond my home WLAN (WPA2 ). File format JPG and size M. Typing the WLAN password was a bit challenging with the camera UI (i think there is an option for WPS but i forgot to try that).

jovirkku ( 2017-09-19 22:09:51 +0300 )edit
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