Better information on support ticket processing ( Jolla's support / Zendesk) available ?

asked 2014-01-19 14:17:06 +0300

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updated 2014-05-05 16:25:05 +0300

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I have been waiting - patiently & eagerly ;-) - receiving any response concerning my two questions asked by >10 days ago by the time of writing. It'd be great to see a bit more useful information about the questions' states without molesting or "blackmailing" the support people: i.e. realtime information about priority in queue, assignments & forecast of expected time to answer. Maybe even a color-encoded icon integrated to the dashboard of the jolla account (not requiring an additional Zendesk login). In Zendesk I can only see questions "awaiting assignment to a support agent" ... that's a bit modest info after more than 10 days I think .... maybe even a native jolla-app could be awsome :-) :-) ...

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