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[bug] Contacts disappear if Google account contact sync fails

Tracked by Jolla (In progress)

asked 2017-12-03 12:33:16 +0200

ehakkarainen gravatar image

updated 2017-12-04 15:46:00 +0200

jiit gravatar image

On our second JollaC - when the Google account sync fails - which it does quite often - allmost all contacts disappear (probably the ones that are synced from Google) - and reappear again when the account is manually synced.

Also when I disable the contact sync on the account most (the same) contacts disappear again - and reappear when I enable the contact sync again.

SFOS versios affected are 2.1.1 and 2.1.3 Jämsänjoki and Kymijoki updates (at least)

Some of the behaviour described may be intentional, but a simple break in Internet connectivity makes most of the contacts vanish so I marked this as bug.

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This has happened to me on 2.1.1 at least half a dozen times and it's bitten me badly at least once when I picked up the phone to call someone and found out, their and quite a few other contacts were just gone!!!

vaibhav ( 2017-12-04 11:21:52 +0200 )edit

I also have the same problem (using Jolla 1) Happens after i removed one google account and added new. What happens: Time to time phone-book become blank, not contacts from google, only from SIM card. I go to accounts>google> manually syncing and contacts are back... Is there a solution/fix for this? Is it a known issue?

China6665 ( 2018-08-01 14:16:07 +0200 )edit

Confirm this bug. Sometimes I can't call because the contact has disappeared. I use INOI R7 with SF

svalx ( 2018-08-31 17:01:39 +0200 )edit

I have this problem as well.

johanh ( 2018-09-05 23:24:08 +0200 )edit

From last month this issue has also starting to bother me. It's really irritating!

vaibhav ( 2018-09-15 19:39:45 +0200 )edit

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answered 2018-08-10 17:10:24 +0200

shubell gravatar image

Same issue here. Contacts dissapering. After a new sync contacts are back. Really anoying when you don't know who is calling. I think my issues started when i readded my google account.

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I have notice the same - i had to change my Gmail account and after this it start happening. Reset my Jolla 1 - added account again and its working fine

China6665 ( 2018-10-26 15:57:48 +0200 )edit
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