Alarm could trigger any shell command

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One of the best features in SailfishOS is the clock app and its three different time indicators.

If we just could set a different action other than an alarm sound! Instead of simply playing a sound file we should be able to start a script or a binary. Possible things that could be done:

  • trigger regular downloads after the stop watch ended: with wget or curl you could control remote webservers (like switchable plug sockets or heaters (car, home, you name it)
  • start a mediaplayer with a playlist instead of a single alarm mp3. The playlist contains a localy saved mp3 and is followed by an mp3 stream of your favourite radio program that stream the current news
  • start synchronizing data at night, when the phone is connected to charger and most likely connected to WLAN

We could benefit from the power saving implementation of the alarm system of SailfishOS! There would be no need for special apps, as the user interface is already done (clock app) and one just needs to script the actual action! All it would jolla take to implement would be an additional text field in the user interface, where the alarm or stop watch os set. There would be no need for cronjobs (battery eater) or a separate tool like alarmd.

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Yep... I've been dying for this functionality since I got my phone. I'd like to stream a radio channel as my alarm... possibly using a script to increment volume every few minutes. I had something like this on my n900 years back.

roboro ( 2015-01-15 13:53:45 +0300 )edit

@roboro try "situations" from Jolla store

ortylp ( 2015-01-15 22:45:57 +0300 )edit