Bug: SMS to multiple recipients only shows one name (but correctly sends to all participants) [duplicate]

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In the SMS app, I sent an SMS to 2 friends. That conversation in the app only shows one name, so when today I wanted to send that person an SMS, I chose that name from the list of my last conversations and it sent an SMS to both of them. It's not clear in the app that the conversation took place with several addressees since only one name is shown. Hence: display all names in the conversations tree in the app, or add some sort of small icon (like a plus) to indicate that there's more than one recipient.

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I guess it would be more logical to display both names one after another (your first suggestion) so you could pick from last conversations the name you want to send a new sms.

Neo ( 2014-01-22 13:31:52 +0300 )edit