Improve Sailfish OS one hand usage

asked 2018-06-10 13:39:51 +0200

lolek gravatar image

Right now Sailfish OS is already quite handy for one hand usage but there are still places that should be improved. Let me explain how I would see this, maybe you could get some better idea how this could be improved:

  • the tabs in browser should be positioned from the bottom to the top not the opposite as it's now, that would allow better/easier access.
  • when browser is started the address bar and icons should be positioned much lower
  • gallery is very similar to the browser, i.e. groups should be positioned first on the bottom
  • messages, the plus icon is way to high, very hard to reach it by thumb, should be positioned much lower
  • generally the [x] mark that's located with every input field or any other field is hard to access if it's in the top of the screen.

Based on the above, I think that there should be some way to get the whole screen to move a little bit bottom so it would be possible to reach the elementes located in the top of the screen. This is something that can be seen in iOS which may be a problem from the license point of view, etc.

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