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Bug: album cover not shown in Media-app if saved as png into id-tag of a mp3 music file

asked 2014-02-02 02:13:16 +0300

goldenm gravatar image

Pretty much the title says it all. If I save the album cover picture in mp3's id-tag, it is shown in Jollas Media app if it's saved in jpg format, but if saved in png, the Media app ignores / doesn't show the cover.

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I have alle my music tagged with album art in the file and nothing is shown. My music works fine in my Nokia N9, but Jolla no. This is basic stuff and should work out of the box.

rooster13 ( 2014-02-02 09:39:05 +0300 )edit

Have you tried if the file type of cover art has something to do with it, can you test it? Or the resolution. I have always saved them in 300 * 300 - 600*600 resolutions,

goldenm ( 2014-02-02 11:22:48 +0300 )edit

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answered 2014-07-21 23:04:43 +0300

Tanty gravatar image

This should be working by Update 8: https://lists.sailfishos.org/pipermail/devel/2014-July/004727.html

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No it is not working, I have almost the same problem. I am using Asunder to create the ogg file, and i use easy tag to put the pictures. And it is NEVER works. Under linux all the client are working perfectly well with it !

Usegui ( 2014-12-05 17:16:17 +0300 )edit
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