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Android applications forgets settings. [released]

asked 2014-03-20 12:39:36 +0300

jesperC gravatar image

updated 2014-05-02 14:32:08 +0300

I have noticed that several Android applications keeps forgetting their settings.

As I prefer native Sailfish programs I do not have that many examples but almost all Android applications I am forced to use have similar problems.

For example credentials for the program "BankID" are lost periodically which forces me use an other computer to login to my internet bank and retrieve new credentials for it.
Another bank application, the one for Nordea, forgets login settings (minor problem as one just need to retype them but guess it might be related).
Similar behavior has been seen in Android application used for checking timetable for commuter trains.

Have not been able to determine a pattern for when settings are lost. It is, for example, not related to a power on/off cycle as often the applications still works after the phone been rebooted but some times they do not.


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I am having the exakt problems. The "BankID" app is forgetting its settings. And every time i have to use it. I have to go thru the process of creating new credentials for the app thru my regular bank account.

This requires that i have both my plastic credit card, the regular login box and a computer with me to be able to do banking business and other services on the fly. Now I always have to wait to the evening to get home to sort things like this.

This is really frustrating.! and the absolut biggest issue with the jolla phone right now to make it work in daily life.

M-8 ( 2014-04-05 15:57:27 +0300 )edit

Swedish banks and BankID refuses to help. BankID would be great to have implemented. For googlers, conversation with BankID and a Swedish bank: Linda Palsson on Bank ID referenced back to the bank. They have * NO * customer support without the need to go through you (the bank). The problem I encounter is that I get an error message every time I've closed the app and open it again. I have to download BankID again.

The error you get is because your phone only emulates Android. System requirement for BankID app is android, ie it requires that there is a pure android. When your phone does not meet the requirement so we can not guarantee that the application works on your device. Unfortunately we can not help you further, the same problem may occur on mobile phones that are jailbraked or rooted. Below is a link to the system requirements. http://support.bankid.com/sv/supportbankidcom/Mobil/Systemkrav-Mobilt-BankID/

nidelius ( 2014-05-01 02:21:48 +0300 )edit

it is strange, the different errors I've got is '6' and '9'. Not very informative. Since it seems to be related to root issues, like that the user rights or file access right somehow might affect the bankid application I guess such a thing could be fixed by Jolla, if they knew what the hell bankid is testing when it ends up with not accepting the certificate. it seems to work at first, sometimes even for days, but then suddenly the certificate is illegal again.

I have a feeling it is something stupid, and that it could be fixed. I seriously doubt the requirements of announced platforms on the bank are valid. The alien dalvik is probably from a secure point of view capable, but has some minor detail that is not accepted by the bankid app.

I would guess its a similar thing (even though probably not exactly the same) to the paid apps crash thing in play.

Larswad ( 2014-06-10 12:02:53 +0300 )edit

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answered 2014-06-14 21:18:56 +0300

jesperC gravatar image

Seems that android applications, like BankID, works much better now. Have not had any problems at all since the update.

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Agree, works very well after

nidelius ( 2014-08-01 17:10:55 +0300 )edit

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