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UI support for right-to-left written languages

asked 2014-03-20 14:35:50 +0300

Penguin gravatar image

Currently it is impossible to create application which would support languages written from right to left except by using webview to render content properly. Silica components like TextSwitch are locked to left-to-right writing direction as well as whole UI. In order to develop applications using e.g. Arabic language it would require right-to-left support or that developer have to rebuild whole Silica library again and abandon all stock controls.

Or is there some undocumented way to switch UI from left-to-right directio to right-to-left direction?

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answered 2014-06-12 12:33:51 +0300

Tijl gravatar image

Since the update, Arabic works fine in Sailfish apps. The text is aligned to the right, as one would expect it to be.

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It's is not only text aligning that need to be fixed. Actually text aligning has been correct for a long time. If you create an application in Arabic, you should have a method to tell UI components that whole UI must be switched to right-to-left. It means that e.g. Text Switch does not have the circle selection mark on left side but on right side. Also all texts in text switch should be right aligned when RTL UI in use and to left side when LTR UI in use. Currently LTR UI with text switch having just one Arabic word makes it align to right without text switch and looks ridiculous.

May be we just have to wait until Jolla gets officially Arabic or Hebrew support to get this solved.

Penguin ( 2014-06-13 03:36:54 +0300 )edit

I disagree about flipping the ui blindly like that. There is a reason why a certain element is put in its position regardless of the language.

The UI needs to be tweaked farther but not entirely flipped IMHO

MSameer ( 2014-06-13 03:43:54 +0300 )edit

Ok I don't know about Hebrew but if you have whole UI in Arabic it's just ignorance not to mirror the whole UI. Really mirror, not flip.


Penguin ( 2014-06-13 03:56:04 +0300 )edit

I don't know about Hebrew either but I do know about Arabic since it's my mother tongue and I still disagree with mirroring everything like Microsoft does.

A button which is on the right hand side is there to be clickable by the people easily. Regardless of the language the person will still use his right hand to click it. If you move it to the left then it becomes harder and you end up with a UI that is not as intuitive as it is supposed to be.

MSameer ( 2014-06-13 04:00:40 +0300 )edit

In 1.1.4.x there has been a regression in displaying RTL text, we should probably have a central thread for RTL issues including Arabic, Hebrew and other rtl language issues, like that it would gain more votes and more attention from Jolla (I find it hard to believe that there are only 14 people using Arabic/Hebrew scripts on their phones).

I agree with the above there is no need to mirror the interface just a need to display rtl text properly.

This is a thread I opened about the regression:


Keeper-of-the-Keys ( 2015-04-20 13:08:12 +0300 )edit
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